Middle aged motorcyclist suffers serious injuries after pillion rider on another bike kicks him before speeding away


A 48-year-old motorcyclist was allegedly kicked off his bike by a pillion rider on another motorcycle, as he was heading to work on the Seletar Expressway (SLE) today at 7am. The other motorcyclist then sped off with the pillion rider, leaving the middle aged victim with a fractured shoulder and ribs, and several cuts and and abrasion requiring stitches.

This is according to the victim’s daughter Jerlinda Tan who is appealing for eyewitnesses of the alleged hit and run to come forward with more information. Tan uploaded a video of the incident online, in which the pillion rider can be seen extending their leg to kick her father who skidded and crashed on the highway:


Tan also uploaded photos of her father’s graphic injuries in her Facebook post. Viewer discretion is advised:

Tan said that her father was taken to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. She also told reporters that she is planning to lodge a police complaint.

My dad was purposely hit and run this morning at around 7am, along SLE towards woodland . Look at the right side of…

Posted by Jerlinda Tan on Tuesday, 3 October 2017


  1. Who contributed the video, should have witnessed the incident? Wishing Mr Tan a full n speedy recovery. The culprit be found soon n be charged in court…

    • Gosh! It’s so dangerous and this may give other motorists ideas on what to do if they didn’t like another fellow motorist on the road. Esp with road rage. No one is thinking right. This matter should be looked into.

    • The punishment has to be very severe to both rider and pillion to discourage anyone ever thinking of following this. I won’t be surprise if the rider was in on it. He was ready to escape, as well as braced to balance the bike from the opposing force from the kick.

  2. OMG! Why would they ride so recklessly? Hope Jerlinda’s dad will recover soon…Poor girl…she must be very worried for her dad. Hope the police will catch the culprit soon…

  3. He must be suffering great pain.
    I feel so sorry for him.
    I wish yr beloved father a speedy recovery.

    Hope the wicked culprit will be arrested soonest and charged!

  4. Luckily the car swerved away instead of hitting him. Hope there are clearer videos from other cars that were around to get the number plate.

    This looks horribly like an attempted murder. He is lucky to be alive – could have gone way way worse!

  5. The safe way for motorcycle rider is to rides on the left lane of the highway but there are many of them do not listens and their reason is “Why I can’t ride on the fast lane”. Till accident or incident happen then feel sorry. My point is, riding on there most left lane isn’t 100% accident free but certainly helps to minimize the chance to be hit by high speed vehicles coming from behind.

    • Jason Chan is saying that the chance of being in an accident involving a heavy vehicle maximized while decreasing the chance of accident on the express lane.

    • Only riders will understand those roadsigns asking “Heavy Vehicles and Motorcyclists To Keep Left” are asking them to

      1. increase the times they are in a blindspot and rampant lane-changing motorists to exit,

      2. In case of accidental sideswipe from the fender of a heavy vehicle, they will be crushed without the vehicle driver being even aware,

      3. In case of being directly in front of heavy vehicle, their braking distances will pancake the riders without the drivers even knowing.

      As the driving instructor said, Death comes from back, front, side, and how you balance it is entirely the rider’s responsibility.

  6. With time the bruises and pain may go away but not his fear, anger and hurt. Hope traffic police is able to find and trace the culprits from road cameras or witnesses have the heart to come forward.

    In the 60s many if not all motorists ride on the extreme left lane; now people are getting arrogant and egoistic thinking they also pay road tax regardless of their size of vehicle why can’t they ride in just any lane. Not directing at the aged victim of road rage here but LTA should set the regulation…

    I was bumped from the back 2 weeks ago, suffered stiff back and aching all over; had to wear a neck brace even when waking and fearful someone may push me from behind.

  7. The coward scumbag who kick this biker will one day meet his own tragic death on the road…karma will certainly come, just sooner or later only!

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