Man who bloodied elderly man and another senior who disarmed culprit are both arrested


Following a dispute that broke out between three men at a Teck Whye coffee shop on Wednesday, a 34-year-old man hit a 66-year-old with a plastic chair before returning to the scene with two knives.

He was arrested for criminal intimidation and possession of offensive weapons, along with another 61-year-old who was arrested at the scene for failing to provide police officers with his particulars. The senior seems to be the one who disarmed the man after he attacked the 66-year-old.

In a video released of the incident at the coffee shop at 143 Teck Whye Lane, the assailant can be seen struggling as he is restrained by other men. He was gripping onto what appears to be a bloody knife as he seems to exchange harsh words with the 61-year-old.

The victim can be seen sitting down in the video and appears to be bleeding profusely.

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The Singapore Civil Defence Force brought the conscious elderly victim to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital. Police officers are investigating the case.

This incident comes after the fatal stabbing in Boon Tat Street recently when a father-in-law murdered his son-in-law following a public feud and tried to prevent bystanders from helping the victim.


  1. Causing voluntary hurt with deadly weapon to other ….jiat lat liao , jail n rotan for sure !!!! Better hope that uncle not die , if die ! Lagi jiat lat ! Culpable homicide ! Kana life sentence n rotan ! That’s the end liao !!!

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