Asia Malaysia Kit Siang: Anwar has sacrificed a lot for Malaysia

Kit Siang: Anwar has sacrificed a lot for Malaysia

By Cordoba.Ali




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Recognising the struggle of former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia Anwar Ibrahim’s struggle, Democratic Action Party (DAP) eternal leader Lim Kit Siang saluted the latter for his struggle and sacrifices.

The DAP benefited largely from Anwar’s ‘Reformasi’ movement – the benefits also extend to the Party Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS) but the Islamists are set to play the role of ‘destroyer’ against the opposition in the upcoming polls.

The PAS has allied with the UMNO in waiting for the elections, with the hope that it gets 40 seats that would be enough for it to force the ‘Hudud’ or Islamic laws in Malaysia.

“There is no doubt the country owes a lot to Anwar for his role, contribution, and sacrifices and I think we should move on from there,” said Kit Siang.

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The DAP today is one of the most powerful opposition parties, rallying mostly the Chinese votes and if it continues on its path it might contribute to a Malaysian tsunami against the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) in the next general elections.

Kit Siang, in an interview sitting side-by-side with former Prime Minister and political foe Mahathir Mohamad, saluted Anwar for his sacrifice for the country saying the jailed leader had sacrificed a lot for the country.

It is a rare statement by the DAP leader, one that may spark and re-ignite the debates among Malaysians on who will be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Kit Siang, however, said the opposition coalition Pakatan Harapan or Coalition of Hope is yet to decide who will be the 7th PM since Anwar is serving a jail sentence and a victory of the opposition in the next elections will not guarantee the latter to become the next PM.

“Anwar may become the 8th PM but he will not be the 7th PM of Malaysia,” said Kit Siang in the video interview that appeared on The Malaysian Insight.

In the same interview, Mahathir said it was more important for the opposition leaders who were foes in the past to move on with the future and target the downfall of the current ‘kleptocratic’ regime.

“It is more important for us to work together and forget the past. The man may have called me names but that is the past and I am not hurt by what he has called me.

“The most important is to get rid of this kleptocratic regime,” said Mahathir who dismissed the need for him to say sorry to Anwar or for Anwar to say sorry to him.

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