Asia Malaysia On Dr. Mahathir staying two years more, “no problem,” says Anwar

On Dr. Mahathir staying two years more, “no problem,” says Anwar




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Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad stays as prime minister for two more years to meet the challenges brought about the former Barisan Nasional administration and Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim declares not to have any problem with it.

Beside the pressing issues that need to be addressed, Anwar said he found that he and Dr. Mahathir have similar approaches to bilateral matters with Singapore and how they see the economy especially when the focus is on poverty, so there shouldn’t be any issue on Dr. M’s staying in power for two additional years.

Dr. Mahathir reportedly confided that his former deputy prime minister had always given him his full support. “He has always shown me his full support, and has never mentioned to me he wants to be PM early…..I thought I will give myself two years plus a little bit more perhaps, but I think I promised I’ll keep my promise,” Dr. Mahathir added.

According to the incumbent prime minister, there is no need to raise the issue of his completing a five-year-team to the Pakatan Harapan presidential council since a decision on succession was already made previously.

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When asked about Mr. Anwar’s suitability to succeed him, the prime minister made it very clear that he is not in the position to make such assessment. “No, I don’t make an assessment of that. All I said is that at the time when we were forming Pakatan Harapan, we agreed that he should be my successor,” Dr. Mahathir’s response to the question. “I never said he is good or bad. The position they want me to promise is that I don’t stay on as prime minister for a long time.”

The 93-year-old aped the behavior of an old fragile person when asked whether he can already be considered “aged” after another two years. His response was, “People said I have some experience, so they want me to use my experience to correct all the mistakes by the previous government. After that I can go.”

“Two years more, I’ll be 95 you know, very old already” as he spoke with vigor then added that he would still honor his promise if he was asked to step down after two years.

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