HDB inspectors suspect termite infestation in new BTO comes from roof garden above unit: homeowner laments


The homeowners of a relatively new Built-to-Order (BTO) flat unit were only able to enjoy their unit for about 7 months in peace, before a termite infestation turned their dream home into a nightmare.

33-year-old insurance agent Mr Wong shared with the Chinese daily that he and his wife moved into their 10th floor unit at Block 678C Punggol Drive in December 2016. In July 2017, the couple discovered a termite infestation in their home.

Just one month later, the couple found that the matter was more serious than they initially thought when Mr Wong discovered several nests in the wooden skirting of his home when his wife was abroad in August 2017.

Afraid, Mr Wong paid $300 to a pest exterminator to get rid of the termites. Unfortunately, the termites returned over the next few weeks, rebuilding their nests at the wooden skirting of the flat.

Mr Wong contacted Housing Development Board (HDB) about the matter. HDB revealed that they visited the flat in September 2017 but could not locate the termite nests. Mr Wong told reporters that after a subsequent house visit and investigation at the end of November 2017, HDB officials shared with him that they suspect the termites might have come from the roof garden above the unit.

Mr Wong revealed that HDB sent officers to remove the wooden skirting as a temporary solution last week, as the situation continues to be closely monitored by officials. A HDB spokesman added that while it is the responsibility of the flat owner to maintain their home, the Board is helping to exterminate the termites out of “goodwill”.

Unfortunately, the termite issue is not the only problem Mr Wong and his wife are facing. The insurance agent revealed to reporters that they also have to deal with water leaks on rainy days, as rainwater slides down the outer walls of his flat and leaks into his flat.

He lamented to the daily: “When it’s raining, there’s water leak. When it’s not raining, there’s termites, we don’t know what to do.”

It is unclear whether HDB will help the homeowners with this issue, as well.


  1. Top floors or those with roof garden built over them can be real nightmarish!

    Such is the attitude of all agencies under the useless LEEderShit. “You die your business”

    Farting Hell! You build Roof Gardens and instead of waterproofing n making them pest free….. it now becomes that you act out of Goodwill which should be your Farting Business to exterminate & prevent recurrence.

    The same Shit goes for the Moronic LTA to have allowed shared paths even on very narrow Footpaths and becoming the problems of all pedestrians to keep themselves from getting hurt by Lawless idiots on bicycles & PMDs.

  2. How Do You Get A Termite Infestation?

    Termites invade homes by crossing from their colonies in yards to foundations. Cracks or gaps around pipes and wires give the pests access inside. Homeowners can also get termites from:

    Wooden structures, like porches and decks, in direct contact with the groundStacks of firewood that lean against the houseDamp soil near foundations from leaking faucets, gutters, or downspoutsTrees and shrubs planted close to the building.

    Above ground locations in the house that remain damp enough to support termites without them needing to return to the moist conditions found in the soil.

  3. Termite Habitat

    Where do they live?
    Commonly, termites live in wooden structures, decayed trees, fallen timber, and soil. Habitats vary among species as some termites require different amounts of moisture. The pests are found in greater numbers in tropical regions where living conditions for termites is optimal.

  4. Termites actually travel from the soil at ground level all the way to the roof garden through any tiny cavities in the building structure and ended up building their nest there because it must have been an ideal location . So the soil control measures during the construction stage known as soil treatment may have failed and it’s hard to predict whether the pest control company really did a good job because termites can appear in many other ways.So now that termites has been discovered in that HDB block , it is also advisable for owners living in this block to look out for it to prevent further damages to their carpentry works like kitchen cabinets or wardrobes or anything that is made from wood or timber. They can Google to check what are the tell tale signs of termites activities.

  5. Too many foreigners termites that infected the Boleh Takang okay BTO U just bear in mind that one day the whole of Singapore becomes a SEA cos too many foreigners termites present in HDB cos Holes Digging Becomes Bigger so one day u just sleep in the big sea haha

  6. Rowena’s info is correct and with the water leakage when it rains, the termites will find their way into the wooden structure…
    The roof garden has to go as it is a possible hiding place for the colony…

    We have problems with our store whenever it rains and the pest exterminator added chemical to let the termites eat and they return to the colony to die and get eaten by the others.. the colony is then wiped out..
    Termites need water to survive.

  7. HDB should look into the now common practice ( of town councils ) of allowing the rubbish bin kept near the lift lobby area.
    By morning the entire area is littered with huge mounds of rubbish and other items put there by residents during the day and night.. and attracts rats, cockroaches, insects etc.. these crawl into the lifts and soon spreads to the floors above.

    It is very unhygienic and it is a horrible sight to see every morning .. to see and smell the rot.

  8. There is a reason y Mr Lky became Minister Mentor…. todays Minister are not Like MM. Today they only think where i claim xtra where i can stable my seat …Im not saying Mr LKY is an Angel but to those who in need …badly .He is a God. We saw how he truly workhard during his early days n how much he cared…..I miss him n his goverment. He is missed by all….

  9. We has the same problem with you and my husband called the HDB however the HDB said that it was not their problem because the termites were inside our flat so they told us to contact the exterminator. All our bookcase and everything in our store rooms were destroyed.

  10. After HDB dry up all our CPF savings then they say helping the owners out of GOODWILL BRAVO..BRAVO..BRAVO well said HDB we s’porean paid our housing loan out of GOODWILL too its the responsibiliity of the HDB to settle and maintain their loan wth the contracter that build the BTO

  11. After HDB dry up all our CPF savings then they say helping the owners out of GOODWILL BRAVO..BRAVO..BRAVO well said HDB we s’porean paid our housing loan out of GOODWILL too its the responsibiliity of the HDB to settle and maintain their loan wth the contracter that build the BTO

  12. Regardless what as long they can prove that the termites come from outside the house it should be the duty of the HDB or Town Council to resolve it. Termites now got Airline now… Can take plane go roof top Garden for colonization… If the company who is engage to building up the roof garden is at fault than HDB or the main con should be liable to it. You are suppose to make sure and check every single expect before handing over the house. HDB build so many housing got no experience than got so many scholars working inside HDB also white elephant taking pay but doing nothing and only know how to say it is the house owner responsibility to look after the house. And they are extending a good will help.. please lah ever heard of after sales support…. We are paying hundreds of thousands for the house and yet you supply problematic housing, housing with deflect and still got the cheek to say it is the house owner responsibility….. Go talk to the wall….