Halimah Yacob defends ungrammatical campaign slogan as “catchy” and “easy to understand”


Presidential hopeful Halimah Yacob defended her ungrammatical campaign slogan – ‘Do Good, Do Together’ – against the widespread criticism it has accumulated online by telling reporters outside the Elections Department (ELD) building yesterday that she chose the slogan because “it’s catchy, it’s easy to understand, easy for everyone to relate.”

The 63-year-old unveiled the slogan that has been bashed thoroughly online at a press briefing on Tuesday. Angling the tagline as a call to action, the establishment favourite said that the call personifies her aim to create an inclusive society for all.

The former Speaker of Parliament and elected parliamentarian for Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC who resigned from her roles to contest the upcoming reserved presidential election told reporters:

“I do know that there are also people who support it. (They) find it very good, very impactful. The idea of doing good is something that is so expansive. It covers many things — wanting to see Singapore doing better, Singaporeans doing better, getting the collective support of everyone to stay united so that we can progress together.”

Instead of applauding Halimah for clarifying her slogan, voters called her out for seeming to knowingly promoting poor English:

Susan Khoo: I am shocked that Halimah purposefully chose an ungrammatical campaign slogan. It’s a slap in the face for English Teachers. Now when we correct our students’ grammar, they will say ‘ grammar not important. Even our president cannot construct a proper sentence’.!!!

Jae Chia: Defending her choice of words, Mdm Halimah, 63, said: “I do know that there are also people who support it. (They) find it very good, very impactful. The idea of doing good is something that is so expansive. It covers many things — wanting to see Singapore doing better, Singaporeans doing better, getting the collective support of everyone to stay united so that we can progress together.” Doesn’t this sound like someone who only listens to what he/ she likes to hear and blocks all other comments?

Nelson Sim: Bad one from a presidential candidate. She said “its catchy, it’s easy to understand”. What was she thinking? Are Singaporeans that stupid???

Sunshine Meo: Seems to go against MOE’s campaign to improve written and spoken English in schools. Unacceptable especially from a Presidential candidate.

Ellil Mathiyan: Sets a bad example, if you ask me. Undoing all the good work done by the Speak Good English Movement.

Tsai Teck See: Disaster … test of credibility gone …. instead of admitting to the grammatical error , cover it up with more bs….

Weiwen Loh: So she’s admitting it’s bad English. Well at least she’s aware of it.

Philip Lim: “Catchy” overrides proper English… in order to win votes. Win votes at all cost…#NotMyPresident

Qiu Wei: ask us to use proper english one is you, now tell us no need use proper english one is also you… wayang mode on.

Carey Wong: That’s one of the biggest issues – they never admit their mistakes.

Also contrary to Halimah’s hopes, voters responding online indicated that they could not relate to the ‘Do Good Do Together’ slogan, as well:

Ravi Kumar: “Do good, do together”. Why not just “Do good together”? Redundancy

Raymond Koh: Tony Tan slogan was “confidence for the future”. Now after his term ends, I am still not confident about our future. Nice slogan does nothing at all.

Loh Wai Poon: The EP is a custodial post not a political one. She should tell us why she is capable of carrying out her custodial duties. Slogan shouting is a politician task. She is no more a politician.

KT Jas Per: say is easy… now can say anything to gain votes… can anyone enlighten me what GREAT ACHIEVEMENT Tony has made for the citizens or the country ? What Tony has said before he was elected ???

Madhavan Charles: That depends on doing good for who really. For the people or the people in power? It’s 2017, I doubt there are as many naive folks. Hopefully.

Anu Banu: No need campaign, no need slogans. Just be ready to move in Istana. And we will get on with our lives. Only one mystery will stay unsolved forever. What is the race in her original IC? My brain seems to be stuck at that point when it comes to this PE. Well, we will never know, will we?

Robert Tan: A banner is only a piece of cloth. A slogan contains only some words. Do they mean anything after the event when they are thrown into a prestigious $840K rubbish bin. During GE voters had seen many slogans.

NC Tay: Totally cannot relate…not sure what your do good means…the way the elites interpret do good can be absolutely different from the common man…or even the totally opposite.

Raymond Koh: They should have tap my brains. I would have given them a better slogan that is truly reflective of them. How about this as a slogan ? “Kaki Kong, Kaki Song”

Jonanthanyoona Yap: it could even not contested and auto become president..lol…no need comment too much on slogan and prepare to be “reserved” president.

Alvin Peh: ‘Do good do together’ when disacknowledging ones own race and fak democracy is already bad enuff

Herring Osman: Do good?what kind of good?many dying to get their cpf out at 55.what did you do?

Wong Yking: Now must be Sweet talk….after confirm….no more talk….

Samuel Choong: Do good do together for pap

Voters find it difficult to relate to Halimah’s “Do Good, Do Together” campaign

Halimah Yacob was the last of the presidential hopefuls to submit her application forms to contest the upcoming election for head of state. She submitted her documents to the ELD yesterday, a week after Salleh Marican submitted his documents on 23 August and Farid Khan who followed suit a day later.


  1. They say correct means correct. They say once in 50 years it is every year. When they say 10 minutes extra travelling time it means half an hour train delay..

  2. You will do good to the people by getting our cpf released at 55 and stop raising the amount and time.
    You can do good together by asking what losses the government has incurred with our money.
    You can do good by donating all your salary to charity.
    You can do good by taking an oath to renounce your allegiance to the PAP.

  3. This is NOT a matter of REAL importance to Singapore. Perhaps, ‘Doing Good Together’ is acceptable. However, being a proud Singlishman, I’m NOT into this inconsequential ungrammatical campaign slogan of HY. What is most troubling: Ms Halimah Yacob is Indian. OUR campaign slogan, if we agree to have a Malay president should be: ‘Betul Melayu. Otherwise Beh Sai’!

  4. Last night, I dreamt of a gang of black cats in my house, when I opened the door, I saw a gang of white cats trying to enter my house!
    I tried to stop the white cats because Chinese believe that white cat with black sole will bring death to family member !
    Is Halimah a black cat or white cat ?
    If Halimah is white cat with black sole, then it is going to be national disaster !
    I prefer Dr Fatimah as I heard of her good social works but not Halimah

  5. Forgive her poor English please. She was Indian at birth and then had to master Malay to become a ‘pretend Malay’. PAP was looking for a puppet, not a linguist. I think the Chinese people call such a person who denies their ancestry as someone who 不 认祖. I personally have a better term to describe her but unfortunately the word is not printable.
    BTW, just wondering if a Chinese or Caucasian migrant’s child is raised in a Malay neighbourhood, speaks fluent Malay, familiar with all Malay customs, etc, is this child entitled to call himself a Malay? If not, doesn’t it mean that the child is being discriminated against?

  6. Any president, minister or mp who is endorsed by pap is useless and impotent. A lame duck .

    While tony tan is a humble man, his sister mary tan who lives in a landed house off upper thomson road, is extremely proud and stuck up. She was already proud when he was the minister of defence, but her head swelled further like a peacock when he was promoted to be the president . Not only was she proud and stuck up, she was stingy too. Once she gave an Ang pow with no money inside only an empty wrapper.

  7. Grammatically insane or unsound? Maybe not quite…

    15 Fun Things Couples Should “Do Together” Right Now

    8 things happy families “do together”

    Things every couple should “do together” in their first year of dating

    50 MORE things to do together

    But all the above aside, yes maybe under the cost of being less catchy, it could be ” do good, do it together:, maybe… just maybe…

  8. She treated all Singaporean a Fool just like her Won Tudung pretend to be Malay Shume to her ancestors. when Chinese poor in English we are call Chinese Helicopters so what should we fall her Puppet or Angit(dog)???

  9. Just a simple tweak “Do good, together “.
    No one in her campaign dared to suggest ? It’s either all English cannot make it, or it’s a case of no one dares to correct those at the “top”.

    We are talking about a President. The President must present herself well and should be able to speak well in whatever language they choose to use.

  10. Just how difficult it is for a person who will say, “oh, it is grammatically incorrect? We will review and change it.” For the fucking MIW, they can never fucking admit when it us wrong, and they are even willing to let the wrong move on even if it is detrimental for the people. The 70% kam gong still don’t want to see it despite it is so crystal clear that they are only for themselves and it was never about the people they serve.

  11. It just gets more interesting Everyday . Tho circus has been banned due to animal abuse issues but there seems to be performance of clowns going on Everyday , is the circus back in town ?

  12. What we need is a good person who will stimulate, encourage and bring the nation together to face the troubles and challenges we have ahead of us in the third millennia. If it is thought she is not capable of it, we have to look for someone who is, if she is the best we have, then we have to put aside that which is artificial and superficial and look for the qualities that make a natural leader with the gift of spreading goodness, happiness and unity.

  13. Negative FB site that will go nowhere. Everything negative. I hope the authorities will shut you & all other negative sites down. Leave Spore & if you’re not living here focus your bad energy elsewhere….

  14. Malay language like to repeat its phrases.
    Buat Baik Buat Bersama is a Malay slogan literally translated to English.
    Do Good Do Together.
    I don’t think its something that we have to argue about in our multi racial society in which we are prone to think in our own language first when writing.
    It just a mere call, calling everybody to encourage everyone to do good together in whatever capacity they can.

  15. As I commented a few weeks ago, I’ll bet anyone London to a brick on she will, useless as she is, be the next president. CCS revealed months ago that PAP was grooming her for the role. What PAP wants, PAP gets.


  17. Some ppl argue with me saying she fought for workers rites in NTUC…..my reply was wait till u see her speak in public….didnt know she spill her beans so fast…..she speaks exactly like those across Causeway

  18. If she became a president, she must understand it is not due to her capability to climb to that level, but with the help of her boss and the kangaroo. I hope she is not deluded during the campaign by painting herself as the most suited and qualified candidate.

  19. She don have the president face,like the Chinese say when you wear the queen suit you don look like a queen,to take this job you need the look also ,just like UK Queen she got the look no one can replace her

  20. “it’s catchy, it’s easy to understand, easy for everyone to relate”……ya, right…..people has relate this phrase to “DUREX”…..So what is she promoting? Sex before marriage?

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