Golden Mile stomping case apparently started over a staring match


A suspect, Marcus Wee Boon How, has been arrested in connection with the violent assault that took place at Golden Mile shopping complex this week, where he was caught in camera stomping on his victim’s repeatedly as the victim lay on the ground, cowering.

The assailant fled the scene following the attack and was apprehended by the police yesterday. Police brought the 22-year-old suspect back to the scene of the crime this afternoon where he answered questions asked by investigators.

Apparently, Marcus had gone to the complex to visit a friend and was on his way to the washroom when he saw the victim – whom he did not know beforehand – staring at him.

What began as a staring match quickly turned into a physical altercation that led to the suspect hammering his victim with great force.

The 25-year-old victim was later conveyed to Tan Tock Seng Hospital, where he received treatment for serious head and facial injuries. He has reportedly been discharged from the hospital at this time.

The video of the incident went viral, shortly after it was posted online:

Marcus will be charged in court tomorrow for one count of voluntarily causing grievous hurt. He may be sentenced to a maximum of ten years in jail, caning, and/or a fine, if convicted.


  1. Stare makes u pay for 10years over fight vigorously. Now Singaporean fight over for money to survive but u fool, fight over staring just because ur darling don’t bother u. Stupid.

  2. 3pm vs 3am there is a lot of difference in that building. He was in a den for trouble. Hope 25 yr old recovers alright on the other hand a future lost like that for 22 yr old. Both are victims to their actions.

    • Night time gangho want performed. Day time police handcuffed become one obedient kitten. This is sinkie 流氓。 in the past those paikia don’t bully the weak. They teach the bad a lesson and defend the weak. Now it is called mafia don’t talk reason no laws suka2 do what they like.

    • Paul Leong Looks like its 1 to 1 to me, but the poor 25 yr old guy already down. No need to continue, on and on, furiously stepping and kicking his head. What’s more, he also whacked another chapt who tried to intervene. This kind of person deserves the same treatment, to feel the same pain and desperation, to change his brutal mentality.

  3. Only at 22 and already so violent !

    Hope he will learn a good lesson and turn over a new leaf.
    Every one deserves a second chance in life.
    May God Bless him to realize his wrongs and he become a better man.

    • Staring in spore invite fight and also lead to death.
      This kind of thinking is called mind reading. How do you know they were judgemental? Did they say something to you? Could it be that you just perceived the situation negatively because social anxiety has biased your thinking?

    • Alexus Chan ! Nahbeh ! Dont CB here ! And yayapapa talk only ! Keep calling ppl looser !!
      Declare your winning way to all lor ! And pple will know how successful you really are !! KNN !
      On FB can can challenge that Marcus ! Nahbeh ! It shows How courageous you are indeed! Maybe you should be the one meeting up that Marcus guy and tell him face to face ! Nahbeh ! Doubt you got lumpar to do that !

    • Puthu Kuthu nabeh dont CB here. Stay with your father, you love him so much that you let him fark you every night. It’s what loosers are born for, condemn from day one. Dont do FB while you’re on shift work, lol. Poor bugger.

  4. Let this shithole rot in jail for a long time. Give him a lesson he’ll never forget and may this also be lesson to other would be assailants. Society has no place for them.

  5. Yup wash behind white white ok maybe the judge give less rotan strokes! Enjoy the sensation and please with each stroke of the rotan do remember how you kick each kick onto a man that is already down and defenseless.

  6. Ok, let’s think positive. Maybe we can train and then send this chap to ‘step on’ Ah Kim Jong Un’s face ? Step here step there…step everywhere…

  7. This chap behaved like a gangster! He violently attacked a helpless person lying on the floor! For that, he deserves to stay in “Changi Hotel” with free food and lodging!

  8. is this a staring incident or another ss incident?
    the victim’s frens all v useless. don’t even dare to stop the attack.
    put him inside for 10 years and 20 strokes of the cane. no place for gangsters.

  9. He was so gangho when he stamped his feet onto the victim. Why police bring him back to the scene he was like a dummy. Cannot stared stay at home. Don’t people see see a bit want to whack people. What era liao. Still cannot see.

  10. What is wrong with S’porean men n also women? Why do they get so angry when stared at? Yes staring is rude but is our favourite past time. But we should be big enough not to let little things anger us. Why are we threatened by a stare?

  11. Now as famous as Andy Lau… Too bad only in Singapore and for the wrong reason… So many people and photographers staring at him. Must feel damn shiok right??

  12. Although he shouldn’t be doing what he is doing, I don’t think he deserves 10 years for such a minor altercation. The victim was not hurt badly as he was discharged after one day. The punishment must befit the crime. There are worse altercations and the punishments melted are only fines. May be he has a bad track record..

  13. Ah ya. Stare only wat, like dat oso can’t take it. . Be like me, I no problem n just take it all in stride even tho I regularly kena stared at by ladies.

  14. Hello 22 gin na kia being starred at wanna stir shit alr ? Ah boi , do you have any idea you were been stared by how many people that moment you came out of your mother womb ?
    She don’t undergo 10 months of labor pain just to have you throw away your future like that !!!!

  15. For taking out your frustrations on had the physical.advantage, the judge will say 3 years; for showing off that you are “macho” and boasting.that you are a “terror” especially heard the thai girls.screaming, and boosting your ego, another 3 years for stamping a knocked out victim, even.a blocked by the referee when.his opponent is down. Whether you change or not, while you are in HOTEL Changi, other will have worked hard and.progressed in life and.even.many will do social work for the less privileged. Better quickly realise now that your EGO stinks.

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