Fresh grad lost job to FT and lamenting about his future in Singapore

The following letter is republished from the Transitioning website.

Just felt like highlighting, I’m a fresh grad and recently had lost a job opportunity to a foreign talent with similar class and grades.

Best of all, he is on a scholarship and didn’t even have to pay for his education in Singapore. While I am happy for him, it’s sad to know that the Singaporean interviewers would rather hire a FT than their fellow countrymen.

Wonder how can we even compete on equal footing given that I have to take care of my sickly parent and still cope with school and eventual loans?

I’ve tried to apply for 50 over jobs to not much response. On hindsight, I’ve been a fool thinking that staying in Singapore was even a good choice.

Now we all have to worry about our future generations and children, or maybe does it even make sense to start a family?