ESM Goh Chok Tong says frequent MRT breakdowns are Singapore’s cross to bear


Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong uploaded the following photo on his Facebook page and indicated that Singapore’s frequent MRT breakdowns are the nation’s cross to bear.

The veteran politician also compared MRT issues here to Bangkok’s persistent road traffic issues. Bangkok’s traffic jams are considered one of the world’s worsts.

“Bangkok bears its traffic cross, Singapore its frequent MRT breakdowns”

Bangkok bears its traffic cross, Singapore its frequent MRT breakdowns. — gct

Posted by MParader on Friday, 17 November 2017

It is unclear what ESM Goh’s comment comparing Singapore’s public train issues to Bangkok’s traffic issues is supposed to imply. One could speculate that the ESM is perhaps implying that commuters should just live with transport issues here like how those living in Bangkok put up with traffic issues in the Thai capital.

Goh’s comment was posted yesterday, just a day before Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong acknowledged this morning that the people’s frustrations over persistent MRT issues are understandable, but asserted that efforts to improve public train transport are showing results.

Speaking at the PAP Convention 2017, the head of government added that it only doesn’t feel like results are being achieved because major incidents damage public confidence:

“The best thing we can do now is to give our transport team the time and space to fix the problems.”

Khaw Boon Wan has “our full support and confidence” – PM Lee says at PAP Convention 2017


  1. This woody Goh is really ‘good’. He said before a Swiss living lifestyle when he compared SG to Swiss. Now he compared SG a first world country to a 3rd world country. Downgrade or upgrade. I think he is finding a very bad comparison to compare SG to Bangkok. Bangkok living standard and pace are slower and cheaper than SG. If we want to compare then compared every single things between SG and Bangkok. Don’t just pick bones and pieces

  2. Useless old bag! You want to compare to other country? Why don’t you compare your salary to US president?!Always like to compare to countries which are favorable to you! If you are incompetent, step down!

  3. NBCB. Compare our transport to the worse, but compare their salaries to world’s best. Anyway ccb 70% voted for this so they all Fking deserve breakdowns.

  4. Living with it is ok but also admit wrong doings openly. Even if it is not for them to resign, let’s then move on together. Most (that I read) criticisms and sarcasms on the web point to the judgmental attitudes of incumbent using them on others but not ownself. In summary, 有嘴说别人,没嘴说自己。

  5. If u wan to compare dan we should compare all sg minister pay with the rest of the world.. Halo, y not u scrap COE car price same as thai, i would mind the jam then.. N pls note, whole of thai only bkk will jam, in sg is everywhere aso jam anytime in the day.. Wake up your fxxkin mind..

  6. The differences is that Bangkok never claim they got a world class transport system,but Singapore always claim that we are world class in this or on that but never claim Minister pay also world class no 1 high !

  7. When a senior PAP stalwart benchmark MRT’s problems with Bangkok’s traffic and not the reliability of train system in Japan or HK, you can safely conclude that the G has no clue how to solve the problem and instead is trying to get it’s people to accept a lower standard. Its not only a sad day for Singapore but more importantly a sad day for our children as they will inherit the new Singapore and a new class of ministers!!

  8. As a Singaporean living in Bangkok, i am appalled that Mr Goh should stood so low as to deflect blame on the incompetent management of SMRT by the PAP government by comparing our SMRT woes to Bangkok traffic. As a Singaporean living in Bangkok i am ashamed of his statement. Thailand never claim to have the best transport system neither do they trumpet that they have a world class mass transit. In my 3 years living in Bangkok, i have mot expereince any breakdown on the BTS or MRT. And that is a fact. Shame on you Mr. GOH. YOUR government screwup SMRT, plain and simple and stop deflecting blame. Singapore under present leadership has ruin Singapore ‘s reputation build up by the LKY and his founding Ministers. Your team of ” Scholars & Paper Generals” are nothing more than a bunch of overpaid technocrats devoid of EQ. So get off your bloody high horses and face reality. Paper generals are only good at “War Games” and leave it to the expert or those with passion to manage SMRT and the relevant ministeries.

  9. Thailand has highly competency of first class services with technical know how to run excellent train service & more. A honourable hard working leadership & working professional who doesn’t lip service nor finger pointing ball-est cowards like ours. But rather “Walk the talk” & have higher regards with respect in their culture & their peoples. Singapore culture is base on playing blaming game, finger pointing, Siam Taici culture in our leadership of this country. Selling us short is ultimate goal for the governing office as long they can make millions for ownself lick ownself happiness. Conformable sitting with millions sipping kopi tai “luwak” and sing song, without a day work. The BS bunch just lost their nuts to run Singapore affair with sincerity. Time for a change with capable leadership that has singaporean heart first, not foreign trash & greed. I’ve lost faith since LKY pass.

  10. Do you think he really cares about you all?? I dun even think the entire PAP party actually cares about our welfare – we are nothing more than cattle in a farm …

  11. You mean the commuters must bear the cross put on them by the government. Next, what are we expected to bear? So many things have gone wrong in recent years, and we have been bearing one cross too many – from rising utility bills to over- population to unknown losses by government to higher unemployment. Why don’t you come down to bear with us?

  12. Lip service. Take away all of the ministers’ cars including the PM’s and instruct them to take MRT to work. After all one suffer, all should suffer together in unison, right? Solidarity on misery.

  13. He can’t tell the difference between rail transport and road transport. How u want to road jams and train accidents and breakdown? Can a rail gets traffic jams‍♂️‍♂️. Maybe he should also compare a good meal including drinks in Thailand only cost SGD $2. And their private CONDO WITH SWIMMING POOL is the cost of our BTO 3 rm HDB.

  14. It’s a shame on Singapore. So the PAP is not invincible after all. So too are the scholars and military people. It’s a lesson that the government must BEAR !

  15. Bangkok transport minister and staff are paid a fraction of what SG ministers are paid. HELLO!!!??? Knock, knock….any brain cells in there?? Is this how a FIRST CLASS city talks??

  16. Swiss standard of living joker, our folks working like a slave unlike the Swiss, retired and enjoy life. The Swiss will reclines us to associate our living standard with them knowing our MRT standard. What is he talking about.

  17. what an idiot…bangkok bts and mrt are much more efficient. I lived in Bangkok and take the train daily.
    let’s compare apple to apple not apple to woody like him.

  18. Give time give time, how much then enough, break down n accident getting more n more serious. first world compare itself to 3rd world…. Always have excuses, when then can admit it is their fucking fault…..

  19. Comparing and comparing! Why don’t you compare that no Countries have this “ESM!”
    If I were to be you and God Bless me, I will spend time with my loved ones.
    Nothing Is Forever!
    You hold on and want more for what?

    • These Fcuktards White clowns r only here for Power n $millionssss. Only in SG PAP created tis ESM for own Kaki Nang to cont earn $millionssss for doin NOTHING while the old n poor carry cardboards n clean tables till die

  20. TM Goh! Is this the ideal of Swiss standard of living for the pple.? Or was it a half truth (myths) ? Swiss standard of living standard for you and your kind ! The wealthy enlist class citizen and the “bangcock Swiss standard “ you just benchmarked against the SMRT mess !!??
    Nahbeh….retire gracefully and keep your double tongued mouth shut ; Not wise of you to risk what ever good reputation that is left of you that is still in the ppke’s mind…….

  21. Compare ur bloody salary la Mangkok!! Tat one u keep ur mouth shut??small tiny island but need so many useless MPs to run and earn millions.oh come on lah Mr Swiss standard.

  22. Why don’t he compare his salary with those countries ministers…
    Like his wife said $600k is just a peanut!!! Remember?

    Non relevant input from him…useless words

  23. Promised to give Swiss standard living n world class transportation Bt now comparing all these miseries n frequent mrt breakdowns to Bangkok traffic. Shame on u Arrogant Fcukgly

  24. You sure Singapore traffic no jam like bkk???? There are fucking traffic light at every 100 metres here in Singapore, just for a single fucking pedestrian to cross the road. The people here dont know how to cross the road already without a traffic light thats why the gov install the fucking traffic light at every few metres. And the red light is damn long like in JB. Thats the traffic situatiob here in Singapore.

  25. Bangkok ministers salary the Thais can bear but Singapore ministers salary we really cannot bear …

    U are comparing peanut to walnut …. damn

    Hope the Thai authority take ur quote seriously and create an issue then u learn a lesson…

  26. Good grief….and i suppose such idiotic comments are ours to bear as well? The wisdom spewing forth just don’t tally with the salary and self gratifying titles they give themselves do they?

  27. Disappointing to hear another reason why we should put up with mediocre public service. Seriously, may I suggest that leaders & upper Mgt in all Ministries and SMRT share this ‘Cross’ too with the nation? Would they step forth to do this – for as long as the problem isn’t yet fixed? After all, taking public transport would enable them to be on the ground, so that they can gain more valuable insights and be excellent at their job. No one would begrudge an excellent salary to excellence.

  28. 70% – The stupid will always be convinced by the profoundly stupid
    30% – The intelligent will always seek multiple views and engage the intelligent in open and objective discussion
    We have more stupid than intelligent folk. No wonder the entire system is rigged and we’re screwed terribly

  29. ESM is already senile and thick skinned. Doing little but collecting big pay. He is a JOKE!!!!! New style of leadership: BLAME OTHERS FIR YOUR OWN INCOMPETENCY!!!!! The highest paid politicians in the world acting and behaving like MORONS!!!!

  30. Why do they always make comparison with the worst and not the best. WTF. They, men in white, always brag about sg this and that in being the best. Why dun compare to Japan or HK? They are full of shit!!!!!

  31. GCT… u wanna know what’s the real heavy cross Singaporeans have to bear? It’s the multi million dollar ministerial salaries paid to self serving, arrogant, incompetent MIW!!!!!

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