‘Cash or Body’: Man blackmails woman over her nude photos

Photo: Forum, Sammyboy.com

Obbana Rajah

44 year old Alexandra Chan Chee Meng was sentenced to a two-month jail term yesterday after he was found guilty of criminal intimidation.

He obtained nude photographs of a woman from a social networking website called ‘Alamak Chat’, where the woman’s ex-boyfriend was inviting other users to privately message him for the pictures.

Chan, who has a son, harassed the woman for seven months after he received the photographs from her ex-boyfriend. The woman’s ex-boyfriend also gave Chan her mobile phone number, and suggested that Chan try and solicit oral sex from her.

On the 23rd of September 2015 Chan sent her the nude photos, and commented, “looking at your this photo got me feel something”.

Between September that year and February of 2016, Chan repeatedly harassed the woman, asking her to meet him.

When he sent her two photos of her nude upper body in April of 2016, the victim threatened to lodge a police report, to which Chan replied, “What can you offer me to take it (the photos) back? Cash or body”.

When the woman asked him how much cash he wanted, he asked her to meet him at a hotel that night and threatened to send the photographs to other men.

He said, ““I think you dun want to settler your sexy photo rite? Nvm I think a lot of guy’s like to have the free photo”.

The woman filed a police report on the 22nd of May 2016.

Chan is now out on bail for S$10,000.

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