Featured News Bukit Batok Pool sees two near-drownings in as many days

Bukit Batok Pool sees two near-drownings in as many days




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Netizen Wong Chee Wai took to Facebook to post about a second near-drowning incident of a child in as many days.

Today, July 6, Mr. Wong posted about a little girl who nearly drowned at the Bukit Batok Pool, following the near drowning of a young boy yesterday.

Mr. Wong laid the responsibility on the parents of these children for not watching them properly, relying completely on lifeguards to keep them safe. He wrote, Parents has to do their part if they were to bring their child to the pool, and not throw 101% responsibilities to the lifeguards…
Do remember that: Lifeguards are not nanny nor babysitter…”

Four hours after it had been put up, the post was already shared more than 2300 times, and with good reason. Experts show that it takes only 20-60 seconds before someone is completely submerged in water. The window to save someone from drowning only lasts around 3 to 4 minutes.

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Parents have to watch their children very diligently indeed when they are at the pool, and not take their eyes off of them for very long.

Netizens share Mr. Wong’s opinion that parents should be responsible for their children

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