Lifestyle Arts Baskin Robbins to take legal action after BTS ad leaked

Baskin Robbins to take legal action after BTS ad leaked

Fans of the boy band didn't take too kindly to the potential law suit as there was a suggestion that it was a fan who leaked the video clip




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ARMYs can look forward to the month of August as BTS and Baskin Robbins are collaborating on something special. ARMYs are what BTS fans are called. It was reported in early July that the American ice cream chain has hired BTS to promote the flavour of the month in August. Having said that, an unfinished product has leaked. An unreleased ad of BTS for the brand had made its way online. Baskin Robbins Korea then released a statement on Friday (July 17) on social media.

According to the statement: “We are making an announcement to the many people who are looking forward to seeing Baskin Robbins and BTS come together. The commercial video that is currently being spread on social media is not the final cut, and it is an unfinished video. The individual spreading (the video) may be held legally responsible, and we hope that you will refrain from spreading or sharing it until the official video is released.”

Despite that, many ARMYs did not take too kindly to the strict statement as it suggested that it was a fan who leaked the clip. They demanded that Baskin Robbins provide evidence before blaming anyone. The tweet was then removed from its account. With every purchase of a Baskin Robbins 7 cake, fans will get a signal light keychain and a photocard as part of the August promotion. It is not clear if this promotion is available outside of South Korea.

BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys consists of seven members and is a popular South Korean boy band formed in Seoul in 2010. The members include Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook. Each member take turns to write their content. With a hip hop background, their genre has evolved to suit different musical tastes. BTS found popularity both locally and internationally. They have toured abroad a number of times and have won accolades for their music.

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Check out the BTS x Baskin Robbins ad below:



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