Another student claims that victim was assaulted for sexual misconduct in ITE


An ITE student who is in the know about what triggered the beating of a pupil in ITE College East said that it was triggered by a sexual misconduct.
He claimed that the man who is assaulted is not innocent but had brought a girl into a cubicle into the school’s male toilet to have sex with her. In the video which has now gone viral, the assailant can be heard saying in Tamil, “will you do this again to any other girls?” The assailant treated the girl like a sister and was enraged by what the victim did.

The principal of ITE College East, Dr Yek Tiew Ming, has since clarified that the incident happened on 8 Feb 2017 and that the victim has consulted a doctor. The school is also rendering him their assistance and has suspended the assailant.

“ITE takes a serious view of the matter, and does not condone such acts,” Dr Yek said.

“ITE College East will cooperate with police investigations,” he added.