Xing Xing, the 3-year-old daughter of Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi may be young but her future has been planned out. Zhang, 41 was at an event in Shanghai recently where she shared that she plans to give her daughter a life where she wants for nothing. That’s no surprise as parents usually want the best for their child. However, it is not as simple as that. Zhang is one of China’s most powerful and famous actresses and she has an enviable jewellery collection.

It is said that Xing Xing is very familiar with her mother’s jewellery collection.

Xing Xing is well-versed with her mother’s jewellery collection. Picture: Instagram

“When Xing Xing grows up, I hope she’ll become a designer, so I’ve allowed her to come in contact with a number of high-end jewellery pieces from a young age. [I think] this is an especially beautiful thing,” said Zhang. In the past, Zhang’s husband, Chinese rocker Wang Feng shared a video of him visiting the actress on a film set with their daughter Xing Xing in tow.

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Ziyi is seen showing Xing Xing the jewellery pieces that she would be wearing in that video. According to reports, the diamond baubles were valued at around S$100mil, with Xing Xing carefully reaching out to handle these pieces at the urging of Ziyi.

It was also reported that if Xing Xing did not end up being a designer, Ziyi has made sure that her daughter tries out in a whole host of activities, from riding classes to martial arts lessons and even fruit picking. It is no surprise then that netizens comment that being born as the child of Ziyi is an automatic win in life.

The actress has two kids with Wang Feng, three-year-old Xing Xing, and a nine-month old son. Wang Feng’s daughter from a previous relationship, 15-year-old Apple, lives with them and is close to the actress as well.