Yesterday we reported about the 3 on 3 basketball competition Yuhua Community Club (CC) was holding. The competition is held concurrently with the community club’s sports carnival. The poster advertising the two events was ridiculed by some netizens for its choice of words. For some reason the organiser chose the word “cum” instead of “and” to highlight the two events in their poster. But “cum” against “3 on 3 Grace Fu Cup” somehow seemed very odd.
The poster on Yuhua CC’s Facebook was changed soon after we reported the odd advertisement poster. The CC has changed the word ‘cum’ with ‘&’.

Facebook user Lawrence Chong also said in his Facebook that the CC has changed their actual poster as well. From the picture posted by Lawrence it looks like the CC has white-out the letters ‘c’, ‘u’ and ‘m’ from the poster and has replaced them with ‘&’.