SINGAPORE: Popular YouTuber Ghib Ojisan was already blown away by Marina Bay Sands’ Premier Suite, where prices begin at S$1,750 per night, but he was wowed even more when he had a sneak peek at a Paiza Collection room, MBS’ VIP, invite-only suites.

And who doesn’t love seeing how the rich live it up? Ghib’s video, “I Stayed at Marina Bay Sands’ NEWEST $1,750 Suite,” has already been viewed 52,000 times since it was posted on Tuesday (Sept 19).

Ghib and his wife first checked into the $1750 a night suite, which he was really excited about, noting that MBS just spent US$1 billion (S$1.37 billion) to renovate the hotel, so everything had a new feel.

He clarified early on that they were not paid to make the video, but were allowed to stay as media guests, and as such, the opinions expressed are their own.

“This is insane,” he said, showing chocolate in the iconic shape of MBS, the magnificent view from where the light show can be enjoyed, the 70 or 80 inch TV, plush slippers, and so on.

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“Oh, the water is from Voss,” he exclaims at one point. “Very atas, right?”

However, the snacks, like in most hotel rooms, aren’t free, but if you want to spend S$14 on cashew nuts, at least they’re there.

He was also happy about the fact that there are two TVs in the bedroom, the portable speaker and phone charger, huge toilet, leather covered trash can, seat in the shower, and Bulgari toiletries, which the staff told him can be refilled up to four times a day.

As impressed as he was by the hotel room, he was even more so by the suite in the Paiza Collection.

He was given a tour by Mei, a butler, as the suites offer a 24-hour valet service.

When Ghib asked how big the suite was, Mei told him “140 square meters.”

“That’s bigger than my HDB flat,” he quipped.

The VIP suite, which Mei told him is only for VIPs, counts beautiful art, a karaoke, a massage chair, and other items among its amenities.

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“The living room so big it makes the TV look small,” exclaimed the YouTuber.

Furthermore, the kitchen has three types of cooling appliances—a fridge, freezer, and wine chiller.

The bedroom has its own fridge, with six waters from different countries.

“Three still, three sparkling,” explained Mei to Ghib.

He went on to wax enthusiastic about the TV in the bathroom and the automatic toilet, jacuzzi, while Mei showed him that the bathroom has a jacuzzi, a mirror with humidifier (which means it will never steam up), a hot shower, rain shower, and several body jets.

Ghib said at one point that the toilet area alone is so big, “people can actually live here.”

The YouTuber also had the chance to sample the treats at several eateries at MBS. Watch the video in full here.


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