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SINGAPORE: In a recent online post on r/singapore, an expatriate sparked a heated discussion by seeking advice on life in the Lion City.

The expat, being offered S$280K pay, draws flak from Singaporeans online as he sought advice on the cost of living in Singapore.

The expat, a single man in his early forties, sought advice on various relocation aspects with a S$280,000 salary under an Employment Pass (EP).

He raised several queries regarding life on an Employment Pass (EP) visa, including whether he could split his time between Singapore and Thailand, and sought insights into the local dating scene.

He also asked whether his salary would be enough for a comfortable lifestyle in a nice condo with savings. “Not a party animal but maybe once a month go champagne popping or tabletop pleasing,” he shared.

Responses to the post varied widely. While some were bewildered by his salary, others voiced criticism. One Singaporean pointed out, “You are earning what I would be earning in 15 years,” 

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Another respondent quipped, “You’re earning like 5-10 times most people earn so you can come and find out yourself.”

Another pointed out, “Earning S$280,000 per annum places you within the top 5% of earners in Singapore based on 2023 statistics.

Typically most expats your age would be coming to Singapore with their family and kids, but since you’re single, you’ll live an extremely comfortable life here on that salary.” /TISG

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