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Southwest Airlines did a daring move by giving free extra seats to their plus size passengers. Naturally, conservatives are upset at this move as they feel that they would be paying more in their ticket prices for this bold move. Many feel that even in today’s world, airlines are moving into the ultra-left direction. 

According to CNN, Southwest Airlines’ enduring “customer of size” policy is sparking renewed discussion due to viral TikTok content and media coverage highlighting efforts to push other airlines to adopt seating policies accommodating passengers struggling with today’s narrow airline seats. In place for over 30 years, Southwest’s policy allows pre-purchase of extra seats, with refunds post-travel.

The policy aims to accommodate all passengers and offers complimentary additional seating at the departure gate. A TikTok video by @Kimmystyled showcasing a passenger’s use of the policy gained nearly a million views in October, prompting debates on comfort and accessibility in public air travel.

Advocates like Jae’lynn Chaney are pushing for comprehensive customer-of-size policies across all US carriers, emphasizing comfort for all travelers. Chaney’s petition has gained traction, gathering around 3,000 signatures this week, spurred by the recent attention to Southwest’s policy. 

X users unhappy with Southwest Airlines 

However, the video done by Jae’lynn shows that she purchased an extra seat for her flight. Despite this, there are many speculating if it is a free seat or not. In the video, it shows that she purchased an extra seat. But the airline states that passengers may receive a refund from them for their extra seat purchased. 


There are disputes when it comes to the term socialism. Conservatives feel that this is a form of socialism by giving those who are “lazy” to get free things from corporations. Following that, others state that actual socialism would force anyone to be employed despite the size of their body. 

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