SINGAPORE: A video of how one woman reacted when she was told by a bus driver to alight because she and her companion had durian with them has shocked many online.

While her male companion stood up and appeared to be ready to comply with the bus driver’s request, the woman merely threw the durian out of the bus’s door. The incident was shared on the Instagram account @sgfollowsall on Dec 14 (Thursday). It is captioned, “Shared by a follower: Auntie kena scolded for bringing Lew lian into d bus. She can just throw like that ???”


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In the video, the bus driver can be seen talking to the man and the woman while the vehicle is at a stop. The two then stand up and head toward the exit. The man then presses the button to get the doors to open, but before he can go any further, the woman stops him by saying something and then chucks a yellow plastic bag onto the ground.

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The person who filmed the incident showed where the bag had landed. Meanwhile, the man and the woman returned to their seats.

Many netizens commenting on the video were shocked by the woman’s action, and some warned that she could be fined for littering. Others, however, wondered why the man and woman did not just get off the bus, eat the durian, and then wait for the next bus, especially since the fruit is not cheap these days.

Another wrote that if the two wanted durian, they could have double bagged the fruit, placed it in a ziplock bag, and then in an opaque one to avoid getting attention.

Concerning littering, the National Environment Agency said on Jan 9 of this year, “Under EPHA (the Environmental Public Health Act of Singapore). Any individual who commits a littering offence is liable on conviction to a court fine of up to $2,000 for a first conviction, $4,000 for a second conviction and $10,000 for the third and subsequent convictions.

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The court may also impose a Corrective Work Order (CWO), requiring offenders to clean public areas for up to 12 hours. NEA will continue with its educational and enforcement efforts to encourage members of the public to exercise social graciousness and take personal ownership in keeping Singapore clean.” /TISG

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