SINGAPORE: While travelling around Singapore, content creator @jeenie.weenie shared a video highlighting a list of things that make Singaporean hawker centres so unique.

In her video, she made sure to include the practicality of numbered kiosks and the generally safe environment, which she portrayed by leaving her personal belongings on a table to reserve while she bought food. “Things at Singapore’s Hawker Centres that just make sense,” her video hook read.


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First up on her list is the variety one can find at a hawker centre. “It doesn’t matter what kind of food you want–they probably have it,” she said. “It’s so convenient (and) your choices are endless!”

Second on her list is the practicality of the numbered kiosks. Hawker centres, normally open-air complexes, offer a wide variety of food choices. With the number of food stalls in one centre, it can be quite overwhelming for some people who might not know where to start. However, it is worth keeping in mind that kiosks are numbered, making it easy to keep track of one’s location. “The kiosks are numbered and in order, so if you lose your friends, you just tell them the kiosk number,” @jeenie.weenie mentioned.

Third, the content creator noted the food price in Singaporean hawker centres, saying, “Food is so affordable! Finally, you can eat out without breaking the bank.”

The visual representation of hawker centre food is fourth on her list. “All menu items have photos and an open kitchen, so you can see what your order is,” she shared.

Lastly, she noted the generally safe environment of hawker centres. “To save your table, people just leave their belongings behind,” she shared. “It’s so safe, nobody will take it. People leave their phones, purses, and shopping. And if someone does take it, it’s probably a tourist.”

While many gave @jeenie.weenie a warm welcome in the comments section of her video, others gave her hawker centre and dish recommendations. A few others, however, commented on food pricing. “OMG you are in Singapore,” said one. “By the way, some things are not affordable, due to the increase(d) percentage of GST.”

“Don’t leave the valuables on the table…” cautioned another. “(An( umbrella, water bottles or a pack of tissue paper will do.”

“Yes, please be cautious and mindful everywhere you go even if you think it’s safe,” another responded.

Overall, many were happy to find out that the content creator was visiting Singapore and wished her a great time of travel.

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