SINGAPORE: A frustrated daughter took to social media because her father refused to get the medical help he may need.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions page NUSWhispers, the woman said she and her family suspected her father might have ailments. She explained that her father had a chronic cough, was slightly hard of hearing and could not walk much. However, he refused to go for health checkups and would not listen to doctors’ advice.

“He don’t take care of his diet. High sugar drinks everyday. When we talk with him regarding his health or diet, he either brush it off n walk off, or just ignore us completely n pretend he can’t hear a word when we’re sitting right next to him. Recently he went to another check up for his job and he has the letter in his room. He’s supposed to go for a follow up check up. We found out about the letter but wondering how to bring it up (since he’s obviously hiding it)”, the woman wrote.

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When she pretended to ask about the checkup, her father lied and said that there was no follow-up appointment and walked off. She added that it would be ideal if she could go with her father for his appointments, but he would never tell her in advance. If she were to book an appointment for him, he would give her excuses and not go for it. “Worse is he has no savings. He likes to spend. What if the worst happens?? I can only hope for my savings but even i dont have much”, she wrote in her post asking others for advice.

One netizen commented: “He’s just scared. Tell him small matter, a lot of middle age people are like that and some small treatments will make his life easier. In a nice way, tell him to keep himself healthy cause more good things coming”.

Another wrote: “He bo chup (indifferent) already. If it happens, it happens mindset. Stubborn person is almost impossible to persuade. Maybe have a heart to heart talk with him tell him how much you care n love him and you want him to be around as long as he can. You dont want to see him suffer like this.”

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