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SINGAPORE: A woman earning about S$5,000 a month took to social media asking for advice because her future husband wanted to split all expenses equally.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions page NUSWhispers, the woman wrote that her partner made S$25,000 monthly. In her post, she asked: “If I make 5k/month and my partner makes 25k/month, would it be fair to split all expenses 50-50?” The woman explained that they were planning to get married the year after, and they had many large expenses coming up, such as the wedding, home renovations, honeymoon, car and children. She said that her partner insisted that they split everything equally, but she disagreed and was looking to gain some perspective.

Netizens who commented on the post told her to rethink her relationship.

One said: “If is hubby earning 25k I would honestly expect hubby to pay everything. Wife can pay some meals when dinning out and contribute in her way. If wife is earning 25k I would expect the wife to be understanding and have things example utilities bill or mgmt fee, meaning a proportion for hubby to pay so its fair.

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The hubby is at least contributing minimum 35% of his income to the family? Or have hubby give 50% of his earning and wife pay for everything else. Subsequently increase responsibility upon him increasing his salary over years.What the wife should be looking at is the responsibility of the hubby not the earning. It depends on what are his fix expense and etc if hubby is the one earning lower.

A relationship if need to talk about money do it before marriage. Set and align expectation. If RS is gonna be tiring and calculative before marriage then actually is a signal not to continue. Because in marriage everything is money”.

Earlier this year, another woman took to social media after calculating how much it would take to start a family. In an anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers, the woman said that she deserved better than her current partner. “There’s this guy I met online. He’s my age and he cooks steak and shares my faith.I mean the only reason I hold on is because I feel like he’s nice, shares my faith and my wishes and taste. Plus he can cook and clean”, she wrote.

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However, the woman added that the man did not give her security or assurance when it came to the topic of cheating. “He’d give me that giggle like he’s hiding something. Weird”, she wrote. She also added that her friend told her that all married men cheat behind their wives’ backs. Because of this, the woman was hesitant to marry but said she did not want to be alone either. “I calculated that it would take $20k to start a family of 2 kids. I feel that somehow, I deserve a better guy. I earn more than my current partner. I earn close to $10k. I can cook, I clean, I can grow plants too”, she wrote, asking netizens if she deserved better in a partner. /TISG