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SINGAPORE: A woman took to social media to talk about her husband’s perfectionistic tendencies and how they have led to her not enjoying his company anymore.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers, the woman said her 33-year-old husband has built up anxiety due to his perfectionistic habits. She said “he is always wanting to be perfect and when I make little ‘mistakes’ like not closing the curtains properly, not sleeping straight, not drying the sink, or sitting at the balcony in my old clothes,just to name a few, he becomes paranoid and upset. And this doesn’t allow me to enjoy life. I just want to switch on the aircon due to the hot weather but he’s saying it’s gonna cost us high electrical bills. When I put the washing machine on ‘soak’ mode because I just want to ensure my clothes are clean, he would tell me to use ‘ speed’ mode instead”, she wrote.

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The woman added that she would like to live in the moment, but her husband was constantly worried about the future and would always find fault with the things she does. She said that he was a middle-born child while she was the youngest. She added that she tended to be whimsical, but he thought she was difficult to get along with. “Worst part is, during a recent church service we attended, the pastor was describing our habits/ situation perfectly. I laughed and laughed cos I could easily identify with the problems he was describing. My partner could not see what’s so funny about it”, she wrote.

The woman added that she was not able to live with his anxiety or perfectionistic ways any longer and said that even though they shared the same faith, she did not enjoy his company in the house anymore.

She asked netizens if others felt the same way. One said: “Your personalities are different. I’m not saying anyone is right or wrong. You’re just different. Different in something that has a huge impact on the health of relationship. It certainly doesn’t help in your relationship. It’s bound to get broken sooner or later. So break up before it’s too late”.

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Another said: “So you’re not asking if you should leave him but if there are couples who are like you? Does it matter? What a painful way to live. You’re not compatible and you are resentful towards him. Take time to accept this fact and do something about it. Even if by sheer miracle that you can spend decades together, how toxic is the home environment going to be? There are more peaceful ways to live a life”.