UPDATE: Oct 5, 2022

TISG has heard from Shopee, which says it has since reached out and processed the refund for the buyer.

A woman took to social media after posting side-by-side photos of branded skincare products from a certified seller on Shopee and with the same items she had bought at an actual store, pointing out the differences.

Although she reported her findings to Shopee right away, she has been unsatisfied with the online platform’s response.

“Shopee is covering for sellers of counterfeit goods,” wrote Ms Mary Ang on the Complaint Singapore Facebook page on Sept 29.

“I bought 1 set of Kielh’s skin care products on a Shopee Authentic certified shop, placing the most sales of the month. And when I received the product on August 25th, I immediately reported it to Shopee.”

Ms Ang posted a screenshot of her order of three Kiehl’s products, whose prices are very similar to those listed on the site’s online shop.

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However, she pointed out that the products she bought from Shopee had no guide arrows on their bottle tops and, different seals, colours and labels.

She went on to write “Until today, I still have not been completely solved, they just recalled the product, removed the comment rate on the platform, to cover the seller to continue to sell more fake products to buyers.”

Ms Ang added that for someone who enjoys online shopping, “this is really a bad experience.”

TISG has reached out to Shopee for comments.

Other netizens quickly chimed in about similar experiences with Shopee.

Some urged her not to buy Kiehl’s skin care products on the platform but from the company itself, but Ms Ang explained why she made her purchase.

A number of netizens urged Ms Ang to file a police report or to the HSA (Health Sciences Authority).




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