The police are an important and fundamental part of society as they are a government service to protect the people. However, it seems that woke culture has desecrated the good name of a lot of officers out there, citing that they are fascists. It seems that a woke politician, Zach Metzger made a bold statement citing that he did not feel bad about the innocent policemen being unalived. 

CNN states, Burnsville, Minnesota, grapples with grief as two police officers and a firefighter-paramedic lose their lives responding to a domestic incident. Officers Paul Elmstrand and Matthew Ruge, both 27, alongside 40-year-old Adam Finseth, sacrificed for their community. 

Burnsville Police Chief Tanya Schwartz hails them as heroes. The tragedy unfolded when responding to an armed subject barricaded with family members. Shots were fired, resulting in fatalities and injuries. 

The suspect, Shannon Gooden, 38, also perished. Seven children escaped unharmed. Elmstrand, Ruge, and Finseth’s deaths are classified as homicides. The state mourns, recognizing the bravery and sacrifice of its fallen first responders.

Furthermore, Sportskeeda states, Zach Metzger (the woke politician) was slammed back in 2023 for playing the victim at a protest in regards to the Middle Eastern conflict. He faced criticism for invoking victimhood during a protest clash. He alleged an elderly man attacked, but drone footage suggests a different narrative emerged, sparking online debate.

Woke political candidate slammed by conservatives 


Following that, conservatives are saying the Democrats are ruining the basic fabric of America. Politicians who think this way should be expelled from society as they should be sympathetic towards everyone. Social justice warriors do not care about anyone other than themselves or those who align fully with them. 

Others are throwing bold accusations towards Metzger citing that he could be another Rachel Dolezal. They feel that he is also a White individual who curled his hair to appear more bi-racial or Black. However, this is a bold allegation as we do not fully know this individual’s ancestry or origins. 

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