Home News Featured News Why are elected opposition MPs silent on billions taken from our reserves?

Why are elected opposition MPs silent on billions taken from our reserves?




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By: Philip Ang

Tens of billion$ have gone in and out of our reserves vault since Tony Tan took office but this has been greeted by a deafening silence in Parliament.

The recent ‘proposed changes’ to Elected Presidency appears to be a desperate attempt by PAP to let the cat remain in the bag.

Are our reserves used to finance the construction of ‘ghost cities’ in China, with zero returns during the initial 15 years? Are they invested in foreign financial assets, many which went bust years ago? Is that the real reason why the government is forced to stinge on Singaporeans’ welfare, resulting in many elderly citizens collecting cardboards as a form of exercise?

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It is understandable for PAP MPs to play deaf and dumb but isn’t it totally irresponsible of opposition MPs to do likewise?

Despite more than 2 decades in Parliament, WP has hardly raised questions on our reserves. Hundreds of billion$ = loose change?

It had to take an NMP, Lina Chiam, to take the lead in 2013 and ask obvious questions but since then, no sound, no shadow.

Lina Chiam wasn’t a rocket scientist and all it took was a few very simple questions to see the worms wriggling out from the can. But they have been allowed to crawl back in. Why?

Why has the PAP not provided a list of individual investments to Parliament? Are elected WP MPs privy to certain information and afraid that disclosure will cause panic?

We don’t need to have numbers but the right MP to ask the right questions. Dr Chee, Kenneth, Tan Jee Say and many others would have already done so years ago had they been elected.

At the rate WP is going, it will take forever to deliver on its promise of a first world parliament.

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