SINGAPORE: An apology was issued after pork was found at a Ramadan bazaar, Bazar Raya Utar Marsiling, and action was taken to stop its sale.

And while the Facebook page Marsiling: Our Community, Our Home assured that the community organization will endeavour to prevent such instances from recurring, netizens remained unhappy that the oversight had occurred at all, with some asking, “Where is the sensitivity and the respect for Muslims in Singapore?”

The sale of pork in an unspecified number of stalls was discovered by Marsiling Constituency Office last weekend and “The organisers have engaged with the operator and have taken immediate corrective steps to stop the sale of pork,” the post reads, adding “We would like to thank members of the public for sharing your concerns. We apologise for any inconvenience and concerns caused.”

The post also wished to assure residents and bazaar patrons that the utmost would be done “to provide as best as a Ramadan experience as we can, this includes performances during the weekends as well as halal/Muslim-owned and non-halal stalls to cater to all residents. We look forward to residents’ kind understanding and their strong support to the event.”

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However, some comments on the post appeared to believe that the damage had been done, and others questioned whether it should be called a Ramadan bazaar at all.

One woman wrote, “Where is the sensitivity and the respect for Muslims in Singapore? I wonder if there has been any consultation process in organising this event in the holy month of Ramadan. I think it doesn’t take much to think, if you are a true blue Singaporean, to know that Muslims do not consume Pork and anything related to it.”

What is so difficult about having all halal food stalls? There can be many non Muslims selling other stuff like clothing or decorations. It is still a multi ethnic experience,” pointed out one Facebook user.

Another chimed in, “If there are non halal stalls please do not call it Ramadan Bazaar, as Muslim hold dearly to that holy month. If you still wanting to have non halal…….please call it by other name. Quite surprisingly nobody in Marsiling advise or able to see the different.”

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“The current state of disregard for minorities in Singapore,” observed another.

Just call it ‘Marsiling Pasar Malam’ not ‘Bazaar Ramadan’ Please identify the stall and remove plus ban the stall if you still wants to call ‘Bazaar Ramadan’,” opined yet another.


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