A netizen asked for comments on the reason people should have children, arguing that it should be for love rather than the “old mindset” of seeing one’s offspring as investments.

The question, “What is the purpose of having children?” was asked by the netizen on the anonymous SGWhispers Facebook page on Wednesday (Oct 5).

“Isn’t the main purpose of having children is because you like and love kids?

Why are there people having the old mindset of thinking where they treat kids as an “investment” and to gain from them when they grow up?” the poster wrote.

They went on to cite examples of this type of mindset: having kids would mean having someone to settle their funeral, give them money for early retirement, help with paying bills, as well as having someone to rely on in their later years.

They ended the post by asking, “Aren’t those kind of thinking and purpose very wrong??”

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Several commenters agreed with the poster.

One pointed out that with today’s economic conditions, it’s possible that the next generation may not afford to help out with older ones.

One asked, however, “isn’t it the duty to take care and be filial to them while they are still around?”

Another netizen asked the following question: “How about the purpose to ensure longevity of human race?”

One commenter appeared to be more cynical, writing, “The parents will be real fortunate when their kid don’t ask for money when they grow up.”

Another netizen pointed out that parents today plan for their own retirement.


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