Dwayne, fued

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, initially distancing himself from the Fast & Furious franchise, surprised fans with a cameo in the series’ penultimate chapter after previously stating he’d never return due to conflicts with Vin Diesel.

Despite his earlier stance, Johnson seems to have reconsidered, making a brief appearance in the forthcoming Fast X, albeit not as a central character. Reports suggest this shift follows his 2021 criticisms of Vin Diesel as “manipulative.”

However, during the movie’s promotion in Venice, Vin Diesel revealed an unexpected twist: the two-part finale had been reimagined as a trilogy, adding complexity to the franchise’s conclusion.

This revelation sparked diverse reactions on Twitter, with some playfully questioning if the saga would truly conclude given its tendency for multiple sequels and reboots, while others expressed excitement over the trilogy finale. The feud between Johnson and Vin Diesel was one of the biggest scandals of the year.

The Feud

The rift started way back in 2016 with a now-deleted IG post from Johnson.

Photo: Instagram/Vin Diesel

Paul Walker’s legacy in the film

The anticipation for Fast X heightens as it promises an emotional experience, particularly with the inclusion of Paul Walker’s daughter, Meadow Rain Walker, in tribute to her late father. Meadow shared her gratitude for honoring her father’s legacy in the film.

Paul Walker, who tragically passed away in 2013 at 30 years old in a car accident, continues to hold a significant place within the franchise, contributing to the sentimentality surrounding the impending conclusion.

Despite Dwayne Johnson’s unexpected return and Vin Diesel’s surprising announcement of the trilogy extension, the impending release of Fast X retains an emotional resonance, especially with the poignant tribute to Paul Walker.

The evolving storyline and unexpected revelations have stirred both anticipation and curiosity among fans, setting the stage for a potentially impactful and memorable conclusion to the beloved franchise.

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