Pritam Singh

SINGAPORE — In the midst of thanking groups of The Workers’ Party volunteers for their efforts this year, WP secretary-general and the Leader of the Opposition Pritam Singh issued an invitation to Singaporeans to “Join us to make a difference to your local community!”

He wrote in a Christmas Day Facebook post that he has been speaking to different groups of volunteers in the past two weeks, expressing gratitude for their endeavours to help the WP in what he termed as “tireless efforts across a range of activities, especially volunteers undertaking public-facing work like meet-the-people sessions, house visits, and event organisation.”

Mr Singh added that besides volunteers in more visible roles, some are “working behind-the-scenes in areas such as policy, media, and party administration.”

The WP head also wrote that volunteering “is not always easy, and it certainly does not come with any rewards.”

He then invited Singaporeans living in Aljunied, Hougang or Sengkang, represented in Parliament by The Workers’ Party, to “Join us to make a difference to your local community!”

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They can do so by sending an email to their MP. But the LO’s invitation isn’t just limited to WP-held wards, however. He also wrote to those who “stay further afield.”

“We always need passionate and committed Singaporeans to bring that much needed political balance to our country,” adding that two to four hours per month would make “a world of difference to the difference we seek to make.”

Interested parties may send an email to

Mr Singh ended his post with holiday greetings.

“And to all Singaporeans and WP volunteers in particular, Merry Christmas and Season’s Greetings! May the new year ahead be blessed, peaceful and memorable for you and your families!”


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