Conservatives giving props to court system enhancing safety by literally chaining man who attacked judge

In the midst of ultra “wokeness,” the US government faces scrutiny for policies seen as favoring select groups, igniting debate nationwide. In addition to this, the Washington Supreme Court’s decision to waive the Bar Exam for aspiring lawyers sparks controversy, viewed by many as unprecedented and controversial. 

Critics argue it undermines professional standards, while proponents defend it as a step towards inclusivity, aiming to empower marginalized groups. This move underscores broader tensions surrounding affirmative action and equality in professional spheres.  

The Publica states, the Washington State Supreme Court abolishes the bar exam for aspiring lawyers, deeming it minimally effective and a barrier to marginalized groups. Tasked with addressing racial disparities, the Bar Licensure Task Force opts for experiential-learning alternatives. 

Furthermore, prospective lawyers can now pursue a six-month apprenticeship and complete three courses, along with legal work and skills credits. Law clerks can also qualify by fulfilling internship hours and educational benchmarks. This move, echoed in Oregon, reflects a broader shift towards inclusive legal pathways. 

Conservatives calling out Washington Supreme Court for being “woke”

Following that, X users state that this is a “woke madness.” Others add that pilots will soon no longer require a piloting license and planes may start falling down from the sky more frequently. As it is, Boeing planes are already scrutinized heavily after having numerous incidents this year alone. 


In addition to this, conservatives are accusing the left of thinking that law degrees are “racist.” This is a subjective perspective as some may see it as such, while others are seeing it in a different light. Liberals feel that there is no need to take a degree in order to become a lawyer, as long as the individual has experience. 

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