Wang Yuqing, 61, a veteran Singaporean actor, shared the story of his three failed marriages in the newest episode of meWATCH’s talk show, Hear U Out with Quan Yi Fong. 

The actor was married thrice; to actress Chen Bifeng (1987-1990), actress Tracer Wong (1991 to 1993), and non-actress Liang Liling (2001 to 2011). He had two sons and a stepson, Xavier Ong, from his third marriage.

Host Quan Yi Fong found the actor’s situation an “impressive record”, but Wang Yuqing said that it is a record that is not wanted by everyone else. 

“The kind of track record isn’t something everyone wants, I don’t want it either – it’s nothing to be proud of. I’m at this stage now because I had no choice,” the 61-year-old stated. 

Having two marriages with actresses made him a subject of judgement, especially in the showbiz world. Wang Yuqing has experienced his share of backlash and needs to overcome them by attending motivational classes. 

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“I told myself to take the whole thing as a hill in front of me, and I couldn’t cross it by trying to climb it like a mountain, but I could take a detour around it,” he added. 

Despite all his failed relationships, the actor still believes he is a good lover and has never cheated.

He wondered that maybe the reason his pasts did not work was that he could not spend enough time with them. 

“I was busy with my showbiz career and then my insurance business… In the end, I realized that companionship was also important to them,” he exclaimed. 

In his current relationship, Wang Yuqing has understood how to balance time with his partner, Norah Zhang. He stated that they met two decades ago during a commercial shoot, and they have been dating for five years now. 

“My time is hers, and her time is mine too,” he said. 

When asked about the possibility of another marriage, the actor said that they plan to marry, but they have been both busy with their corresponding jobs. 

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“We’re planning for it,” he declared.

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