Singapore — A video of youngsters going over 120kmph at a residential area is circulating on social media, much to the disappointment of the online community.

On Sunday (Dec 6), a video of the incident was first uploaded on sgroadaccidents’ Instagram page and was highlighted on a article. The video consists of several young people, tagged as ah bengs (an informal term used for a young man who wears fashionable or designer clothing and whose behaviour is considered brash), documenting themselves as they went beyond the speed limit on the road.

The young men were shouting as the driver presumably activated the VTEC (Variable Valve Timing & Lift Electronic Control) function, an automotive performance booster developed by Honda. The driver was then spotted steadily increasing the speed until it reached 121kmph before the video ended.

Photo: Instagram screengrab/sgroadaccidents

Facebook page also shared the incident with the following caption, “We cannot verify the speed of the vehicle, but the speedometer registers 120 kph. Video speed could be edited to slow it down, but driving at those speeds in a residential zone of 70 kph is simply reckless and will attract Traffic Police’s attention.”

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Members from the online community urged for authorities to put the group to task noting they were a danger to other road users. “They are just finding a loophole to escape their crimes,” commented Facebook user MinitJacky Wong. “In the first place, they already know ‘speeding is an offence and speeding kills’, and they are still doing it.”

Netizens also tagged the Singapore Police Force and Land Transport Authority in the Instagram post. “Please arrest these people. They were driving over the limit,” added Instagram user @kittesy. According to another netizen who identified the location, they were driving along Queensway road which has a speed limit of 50kmph.

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ByHana O