Singapore – An underaged teen was caught on camera asking a vlogger for assistance in buying cigarettes. Little did he know, the vlogger was doing a livestream when the request was made.

A vlogger operating the Bob Senget Global Enterprise handle caught the moment an underaged teen asked him to buy cigarettes on the teen’s behalf. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect because the vlogger was hosting a Facebook live on Wednesday (Dec 9).

As the man was engaging with his online audience, a boy’s voice could be heard in the background. Speaking off-camera, the boy asked, “Can help us buy rokok?”

The vlogger, Bob Senget, didn’t seem to understand the question and replied, “Ha?” The boy reiterated, “Rokok.”

Photo: FB screengrab/Bob Senget Global Enterprise

Still surprised, Bob Senget asked, “What thing?” The boy, who was still speaking off-camera, said, “Ah, rokok. Buy cigarette.”

The vlogger repeated the question, “Buy cigarette?” He then points his camera at the boy who was wearing a blue shirt and had a black face mask on.

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Photo: FB screengrab/Bob Senget Global Enterprise

After seeing he was on camera, the boy realized his mistake and quickly walks away.

Bob Senget turns back to his audience and says, “Guys, this boy asks me buy cigarette. Crazy man, this boy.” The vlogger could be seen laughing with disdain, amazed at the situation. “Ha? Crazy man, underaged asks me (to) buy.” Towards the end of the clip, he adds, “Call the police, call the police,” as the young teen was caught red-handed asking for something illegal.

It should be noted that as of 2020, the legal age to buy cigarettes in Singapore is 20 years old.

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ByHana O