Singapore – An alarming video of a snake inside what is presumed to be a Pasir Ris park toilet bowl is circulating online.

On Wednesday (Dec 9), Facebook page All Singapore Stuff uploaded a video contributed by a reader. It was a short yet shocking footage of a black snake inside a toilet bowl. “Go toilet get a shock siol…Snake in Pasir Ris park toilet bowl,” read the caption.

The 17-second video began with the cameraperson arriving at the bathroom stall. From afar, a black snake could be spotted peeping at the rim of the bowl.

Photo: FB screengrab/All Singapore Stuff

As the individual moved closer, it appears that the snake had slithered in through the pipes.

Photo: FB screengrab/All Singapore Stuff

Upon sensing company, the snake retracts.

Photo: FB screengrab/All Singapore Stuff

After a few tongue flicking, the snake begins exiting the scene by going through the same piping in reverse. In seconds, it was gone. The toilet bowl returns to its unthreatening state.

Photo: FB screengrab/All Singapore Stuff

The video has over 78,500 views to date and has been shared across various social media sites and online publications. Members from the online community expressed shock after watching the video. A few wished they had never seen it as they would not approach a park’s bathroom the same way moving forward.

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Facebook user David Deshwan thought it would only happen in another country due to their toilet bowl’s piping system.

According to a report, the actual location of the incident hasn’t been confirmed. As the video has been shared multiple times across social media and online platforms, some suggested it took place at an office while others mentioned it didn’t happen in Singapore.

Queries were made to ACRES and National Parks Board (NParks) for confirmation. Meanwhile, others urged for the National Environment Agency (NEA) to investigate the incident and conduct an inspection of public toilets, just in case.

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ByHana O