Tyler Henry, widely recognised as America’s most watched medium, possesses a staggering waiting list of over 600,000 individuals eager to engage with him. During his meeting with Britt Hennemuth, he spots a model sailboat on Hennemuth’s office bookshelf and mentions how he had a strong vision of a grandfatherly figure associated with a boat, a connection that surprises them both.

Henry explains that during their session, seemingly unrelated things might surface, requiring clarification from others. Upon inquiry, a friend reveals that the model boat was once his grandfather’s.

Tyler Henry – The Medium

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His origin story, well-known among his fans and depicted on TV since 2016, began in California’s Central Valley. Raised in a religious community, his abilities surfaced at 10 years old when he sensed his grandmother’s impending death, altering his approach to grieving.

Initially aiming to be a hospice nurse, a chance reading for a college dean altered his course, leading him into mediumship. This sudden shift attracted attention and propelled his career, with people seeking his services without advertisement.

Prioritizes helping less privileged

At 27, living outside Los Angeles without a driver’s license, Henry exudes a cheerful demeanor. Despite reading for high-profile figures, he prioritizes helping the less privileged, a mission driving his work.

His relationship with fame is complex. While recognizing its potential to help others, he seeks normalcy and privacy after a decade of public vulnerability.

Call from Sarah Paulson

His involvement with American Horror Story led to an unexpected call from Sarah Paulson, a moment that shook him. While skepticism persists in his life, he embraces doubt, valuing critical thinking.

Amidst his Netflix show and personal endeavors, Henry delves into a family mystery discovered while filming. His mother’s revelation about her abduction as a baby unearthed a traumatic past, leading to an unsettling discovery about her biological family.

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