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Renowned figures like Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, and Fernando Alonso all began their careers as young kart racers, a proving ground for speed, focus, and vehicle control in a scaled-down circuit.

For some gifted youngsters like Jacob Ashcroft, karting acts as a launchpad toward a professional racing career.

At just 12 years old, Ashcroft’s karting achievements indicate a promising trajectory. He’s triumphed in various championships, securing top positions and even claiming titles like the European Champion in the Euro Trophy.Ashcroft’s passion for racing ignited at the early age of five when he first experienced karting, initially intimidated by the engine’s roar but quickly drawn to its thrill.

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Family invest heavily in Jacob Ashcroft

Supported by his family, particularly his father as both a mechanic and mentor, he progressed through different karting classes, from Bambino to Cadet, Junior, Senior, and Gearbox.The Ashcroft family invests heavily in Ashcroft’s racing pursuits, turning race weekends into a collaborative effort.

Despite the exhilaration, Louise, Jacob Ashcroft’s mother, admits the anxiety of witnessing her son race, especially during the hectic opening laps.

Aiming for Formula One

The family’s ultimate aim is to nurture Ashcroft’s dream of reaching Formula One. Regardless of the outcome, they cherish these intense racing weekends as bonding experiences, creating a uniquely thrilling childhood for him

Hailing from Castle Batch Primary School Academy, Ashcroft, is emulating the path of Lewis Hamilton, the recent victor of the 2021 British Grand Prix. His track record includes triumphing in a British Championship event and the Rotex UK in 2018. Moreover, he secured a noteworthy second place in the Micro Max category, competing against racers from across the globe in 2020.

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