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Twitter photo reveals Josh Robinson’s disturbing interest in “lovely young talent”




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The following is a letter by one of our readers, Trish Suan, described herself as a concerned parent.

On 26 Feb 2015, Josh posted on Twitter a photo of him squatting next to a very young girl, with this caption, Josh Robinson @joshrobinson3d: “I had an amazing giving a at SAS yesterday and met this lovely young talent while there.” SAS = Singapore American (40 Woodlands Street 41, 738547).


What does a sex predator like Josh mean by “lovely young talent”? Did Josh subconsciously reveal his ‘alter ego’s’ (second self) thoughts and desires?

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Shortly after in March 2015, using the fake name “Tristen”, Josh contacted a 15-year-old girl through social media. He asked for more of her photographs, but rejected his request. In June 2015, Josh told her he wanted to meet at Clarke Quay MRT Station and specifically instructed her to wear her school uniform without any panties (#PervAlert).

Josh Robinson had said he had a fetish for young girls in uniform, The New Paper reported a prosecutor as saying. “He told her ‘I have wanted to find as young as possible. I think 13 would be ultimate. But 15 is youngest’,” the prosecutor added.

Fortunately, Josh’s perverse prowling ended in June 2015. The 2 cases may be only the tip-of-the-iceberg. In Josh’s 8 years in Singapore, how many other cases were unreported?

MOE and schools should screen and vet all their internal external instructors, contractors. I’m extremely worried of these pedos targeting our children in school on the pre-text of ‘educational talks/seminars’. SPF and should collaborate with international pedophile watchdog organizations, and stop these foreign prevs from entering Singapore.Follow us on Social Media

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