SINGAPORE: A TikTok user from the United Kingdom spent nearly a minute praising Singapore as “super cool” and “way ahead of the world”, but added that he could not live here because it’s just “too hot.”

@jossiepops visited Singapore last month and found much to be impressed with, posting all about his trip over several TikTok entries. However, upon arriving at Changi Airport on Mar 20, he posted the temperature—27 degrees— and already said “it was roasting.”


Day 2 – London to Singapore

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By day 3 of his visit, the temperature was up to 33 degrees at shortly past 2 pm, and @jossiepops noted that how humid and warm it already was, adding that people were just moving from shade to shade and back into air-conditioned buildings. The entry for that day was captioned, “Day 3 – Singapore Sky Garden, Tube & mad heat brah.”

His entry for the next day started at 9:34 am, when the temperature was already at 29 degrees. He did, however, appear to enjoy “robot sushi” and a meal at Tekka Centre in Little India.


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The next day, his visit to Gardens by the Bay was also enjoyable, although again, the @jossiepops remarked on the “scorching” weather, guessing that the temperature was at 33 degrees again.

Nevertheless, the attractions gave him some “wow” moments that he documented on his account. “Prepare to be amazed by the breathtaking Gardens by the Bay, where nature meets innovation!” he wrote.

And as @jossiepops approached the end of his trip to Singapore, he noted how “awesome” the country is. However, living here is out of the question.


Day 6 – Should you live in Singapore? 🇸🇬

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“Not because it’s bad… simply because it’s, I don’t know, too hot? ”he said, adding, “I never thought that I would say this but as soon as you go out, it’s that hot” with a “real feel” of 37 degrees.

While the actual temperature may not be that high, it felt hotter to him, he explained, adding that he began to sweat as soon as he went out, and then found himself going from “shadow to shadow” and “aircon to aircon.”

Aside from the considerable heat, @jossiepops also described Singapore as “way ahead of the world,” “winning the game of the world,” “utopian,” and a place “where everything works.”

He also praised Singapore’s respect for the elderly, orderly queues, cleanliness, politeness, and even the stopper on the zebra crossing that gives older people more time to get to the other side won his praise.

“They think of everything, and everything just works,” he said, adding, “all in all it’s an absolutely cool place.” /TISG


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