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Here are Essential Tips for an Affordable and Memorable Japan Adventure as a Singaporean

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While travelling to Japan is more known for Singapore’s younger generation, studies show that Singaporeans of all ages had wanted to travel in the said country. 

SINGAPORE: In recent research, Singaporean’s love for Japan has become more popular than ever. Japan has been the most desirable destination for Singaporean tourists, for the reason that they continue to fall in love with the country’s history, culture, unique architecture, and most specifically food. 

While traveling to Japan is more known for Singapore’s younger generation, studies show that Singaporeans of all ages have wanted to travel in the said country. 

Why Japan? 

According to a Tokyo-based travel agency, Singaporeans are traveling to Japan to experience a shift in seasons. It was deemed that the seasons of spring and winter are the ‘peak seasons’ wherein most Singaporeans go to Japan. 

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Traveling to Japan Tips

Have you been thinking of traveling to Japan soon? Here are a few tips to explore Tokyo, the capital of the country, as a Singaporean. 

  1. Join large groups 

Many people do not acknowledge the fact that Japan has travel rules, and one requires travelers to be part of a ‘package tour’. To be able to avoid potential conflicts, it is suggested that you look for a large tour group to be part of as you explore the country. 

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2. Travel during low seasons 

The majority of travelers go to Japan during the holidays, cherry blossom season, and autumn foliage season. Yes, these are times when it is best to explore the country, but flight and hotel tickets are way more expensive during these ‘peak seasons’. 

You may want to plan your trip during winter (January to March) and the rainy season (June). There are fewer tourists during these times and cheaper flights and hotel tickets are available. 

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3. Look for cheap accommodations 

Let’s admit it, hotels are pricey. It is truly best to find alternative places to stay that won’t be too hard on our budget. Here are some of the accommodations you can consider: 

a. Hostels

Booking in hostels is best if you want to save money, especially if you’re going to travel the city for most of the day. 

b. Vacation rentals 

Renting an entire apartment or house may be cheaper if you are traveling with a group. Also, you may get to cook your own meals and save more money for the duration of your stay. 

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c. Capsule hotels 

Capsule hotels are low-budget lodgings in which travelers sleep in an enclosed capsule or pod. This is ideal for solo travelers who want privacy, and are looking for a place with a reasonable price. 

  1. Make the most of Japan’s transportation 

Make use of transit passes for convenience in moving through Tokyo to the rest of Japan. Transit passes can definitely help you budget your allowance for transportation. The best for travelers is the all-you-can-ride Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass) if one is planning to have multiple trips from Tokyo to other destinations outside the city. 

  1. Explore affordable food 

Supermarket shopping is a must-try if you are in Japan on a budget. There is usually a good selection of set meals in supermarkets that are less expensive, and it is a place to look for souvenir snacks to take home. 

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With these tips, you are ready to jumpstart your vacation to Japan.

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