Lifestyle ‘Don’t even try saving… get a job’ — Netizens tell poly student...

‘Don’t even try saving… get a job’ — Netizens tell poly student whose $250 monthly allowance always running out

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“I would say your best strategy is to forfeit fun time and turn it to work time,” advised one netizen

SINGAPORE: A poly student who always finds himself broke at the end of every month asked for help online to develop the discipline to save money.

u/cheezychimpanzeee wrote r/askSingapore on Thursday (Jul 6) that he gets $250 monthly from his mum, the family’s breadwinner, as his “father doesn’t want to work due to some stuff.”

But the Reddit user expressed concern because his mum only earns around $2500 monthly and is responsible for paying all the bills, including his school fees.

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He added that he is not allowed to work and solely depends on the allowance for his needs.

“But the thing is I tend to overspend a lot mostly on food and seldom I tend to finish the money before the next month ends cos I receive my allowance every end of the month and I had to ask them for money which sucks cos I am already 22 and still get pocket allowance from parents,” he added.

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He has tried to sort out the money he’s given in different categories, such as for food, shopping, travel, “but the thing is I haven’t actually put in any money yet.”

The Reddit user ended by saying he only has around $60 until the 19th of the month and that he would appreciate suggestions and tips.

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Several commenters suggested that he find a job.

When asked why he’s not allowed to get a job, the post author wrote that “They said my job now is to study and not to work.”

Others suggested compromises for his parents’ wishes.

“Dude $250 is pocket money for 20 years ago.

There is no way to save on such a small amount. Best to get a job, I mean a monthly additional $500 is good enough for a student.

I would say your best strategy is to forfeit fun time and turn it to work time,” a commenter told him.

Surprisingly, some netizens told him that he shouldn’t even try to save money.

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