In a fiery rebuttal to former President Donald Trump’s recent comments on abortion rights, Sen. Tina Smith of Minnesota said women won’t be swayed by political tactics.

Addressing ABC‘s George Stephanopoulos, Smith minced no words, holding Trump directly accountable for the tightening grip on abortion laws across the nation.

The battleground of Arizona has become the latest focal point in this heated debate, as its Supreme Court upheld a draconian 1864 anti-abortion law. Trump’s flip-flopping stance, advocating for state-level decisions while lamenting Arizona’s move, only adds fuel to the fire. Smith, a former Planned Parenthood executive, emphasized that for women, this isn’t just about politics—it’s about autonomy over their bodies and independence over their decisions.

 Smith spearheads battle

As the nation gears up for pivotal elections, the spotlight intensifies on states like Arizona and Texas, where restrictive laws disproportionately affect women. Smith’s words echo the sentiments of many, urging voters to consider the tangible impact on women’s lives.

Across the nation, advocates are mobilizing to safeguard abortion rights. In Florida, despite a setback with a six-week abortion limit, efforts to enshrine abortion access in the state constitution gained ground. Trump’s legacy looms large, with Democrats squarely placing the blame for these regressive laws at his doorstep.

In the Senate, Smith spearheads the charge to repeal the archaic Comstock Act, a move seen as pivotal in the battle for reproductive rights. With the Supreme Court poised to rule on access to abortion medication, Smith warns against complacency, highlighting the far-reaching implications of outdated laws upheld by Trump-appointed judges.

With the nation bracing for a seismic showdown over reproductive rights, one thing is clear — women, led by voices like Sen. Tina Smith, refuse to be silenced in the fight for their autonomy and dignity.

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