SINGAPORE: In a heartwarming video that’s been making the rounds lately, a busker can be seen and heard looking for the owner of a vehicle with a window that had been left open.

A stranger, concerned about the security of the car, approached some street musicians to ask for help, which they gamely did. “Just for safety measure, the window on your passenger side is still open. Our friend here is concerned about your car,” a female musician says on her mic, in order to be heard by many, including the car owner, one hopes.

She then proceeded to announce the car’s plate number and added that she hoped everyone with a car was able to hear her announcement, before thanking the man who brought the open window to her attention.

On the video, posted on the Singapore Incidents Instagram page on Wednesday (Mar 22), the person who took the video wrote, “The sense of community in SG is why we’re regarded as one of the safest countries in the world because we’ve reliable and proactive citizens.”

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“We love to see this kind of communal gesture 😍😍,” is how Singapore Incidents captioned the post.

Indeed, this is not the first time Singaporeans have shown kindness and concern over complete strangers, and it probably won’t be the last.

In September 2021, a man took the time to allow a boy with autism to sit in his truck, which the boy had shown much interest in.

And in October 2020, three young men changed the tire of a the car of a woman in the rain, after she had gotten stuck in SLE past midnight with a flat.

And last year, a hawker was widely praised online for giving a cleaner uncle a generous plate of chicken rice and meat for only $6.50. /TISG

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