SINGAPORE: Amidst economic challenges, 2024 is “looking bright” for the tech sector this year.

There’s a bounty of opportunities waiting for those eyeing roles in development and testing. Development Manager, Full Stack Engineer, Automation Testing, Engineering SME, and L3 Developer – these positions are set to be highly sought after.

Additionally, mastery in Java with microservices & GCP, API development, DotNet Core with Azure, and Python development will also be in demand.

According to insights from Morgan McKinley, 50% of hiring managers are expanding their tech teams this year, painting a picture of optimism for job seekers in the tech industry, Singapore Business Review reports.

Morgan McKinley has compiled a list of tech jobs and skills in demand in 2024 to assist individuals in securing a job more effectively.


Infrastructure, Cloud Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer, Network Engineer, and Solution Architect roles will buzz with demand.

Proficiency in cloud automation, container architecture, site reliability, cloud architecture, Kubernetes deployments, and CI/CD pipeline development will be essential.

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When it comes to architecture, coding prowess is important.

Solution Architects, Enterprise Architects, Principal Architects, and Presales Solution Architects will call the shots.

Mastering microservices implementation, SOA Architecture, and a solid coding background will be the keys to grabbing these opportunities.


For analytics enthusiasts, Big Data Engineers (Cloud), Data Scientists, Data/AI Governance experts, Data Analysts, and Machine Learning Engineers are poised to be in high demand.

Skills like Spark/Kafka/Hadoop, LLM & NLP, Python, SQL, and proficiency in TensorFlow and PyTorch will be your golden tickets.

Cybersecurity and Technology Governance

Cybersecurity and Technology Governance will see a surge in demand for Cyber Security Ops & Engineering professionals, Technology Risk Managers, Technology Auditors, Cloud Security experts, and Security Architects.

Proficiency in Technology Risk & Governance, Security Architecture, Cloud/DevSecOps, Threat & Monitoring, and Cyber Security Data Analytics will be highly valued.

As the tech landscape evolves, so do the demands for skills and expertise. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring newcomer, noting these trends and honing your skills will be crucial in securing a job in 2024.

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So, gear up, polish those CVs, and get ready to ride on your next tech opportunity! /TISG

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