SINGAPORE: While many would frown upon passengers ignoring public transport etiquette, the migrant worker who occupied four seats as he lay down in the MRT garnered sympathy from many Singaporeans.

The photo, shared by Mr Nguyễn Văn Tín on the Complaint Singapore Facebook group on Sunday (June 23), captured the migrant worker asleep during his journey home.

Photo: FB/ Complaint Singapore

Aware that many migrant workers have physically demanding jobs and endure long commutes, many netizens urged others to be understanding whenever they witness this kind of situation in real life. 

They emphasized that if the MRT isn’t crowded and there are vacant seats available for others, it’s more considerate to allow these workers to rest.

One netizen said, “He is tired after a long day’s work. Don’t disturb him. Leave him alone so that he has a good sleep and rest.” Another echoed this sentiment and commented, “He is so tired working just to support the family…”

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A third netizen, who happened to come across the same worker, also posted his photo online. He said, “I met him last night.” 

Photo: FB/ Complaint Singapore

However, amidst the outpouring of sympathy, there were voices of criticism directed at Mr Nguyễn Văn Tín for sharing the photo without the worker’s permission.

One netizen asked him, “And you think it’s your ethical manner to post someone’s pictures without their consent? That’s your upbringing value?”

Another said, “Why take his pic and post? Very bad Singaporean, if you are.”

In related news, a Singaporean intern shared on social media that she sat in the priority section on the MRT. She mentioned feeling tired and nauseous that morning, which made standing up during her commute almost impossible.

“No one asked me to give up my seat; if they had, I would’ve gladly done so. I always give my seat to people in need, no matter how tired I am,” she explained.

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