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Suu Kyi should know that ethnic cleansing of Rohingyas is proof of crisis in Burma




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The following is a letter by one of our readers who prefers to be identified as NilaUttaman.

Despite the on-going mayhem and carnage in Myanmar, it’s business as usual for the Singapore leadership. Mdm Aung San Suu Kyi was invited over for a state visit, where she was hosted for lunch and even an orchid was named after her.

In an exclusive interview with Channel NewsAsia, she stated that the problems in Burma’s Rakhine state was being exaggerated by the international community so much so that “everything seems worse than it really is”. She further claimed that the situation is well under control and have calmed down tensions.

Several videos which are in the public domain however, tell a story different from Suu Kyi’s assurances. They show the Rohingyas being persecuted and tortured. The bodies of the Rohingya people are being chopped up in mass killings and being openly fed to the vultures. But would Suu Kyi tell the world the ‘bitter truth’ and what actually is going on in Burma?

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The systemic gang rapes of Rohingya women, the burning down of their villages, the looting of their property and genocide are not mere ‘exaggerations’ as Suu Kyi claims.  Even the United Nations have expressed concern about the gross human rights violations and ethnic cleansing that is being executed by the military junta of Burma.

In all of this and in her quest for power, Suu Kyi has become a powerful tool of the junta in repressing a group of people in the country – a regime which she fiercely opposed in the past.

But as for our government, they are more interested in making a profit disregarding everything else. Just as they closed an eye when Suu Kyi was persecuted by the Burmese junta for many years and walked hand-in-hand with the murderous army generals which exploited their people, they have now closed their eyes to the atrocities committed by the military with the backing of Suu Kyi’s government.

If anything, the videos here prove at least one thing – the situation in the Rakhine state in Burma is far from being “under control”.
[fvplayer src=”http://youtube.com/watch?v=ItlokKnfJNM”]
[fvplayer src=”http://youtube.com/watch?v=hMrBqIQ32rA”]
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