A badly bruised and bloodied body of a 26-year-old man was found along the corridor of the sixth floor of Block 279 Yishun Street 22 on 9 Jul. A police spokesman said they received a call at about 8pm on Saturday about the incident.

He added: “Upon arrival, a 26-year-old man was found lying motionless at the location,” said the spokesman. “He was pronounced dead by paramedics at 8.29pm. A 20-year-old man has been arrested in connection to the case.”

A 20-year-old man who lives at the block was arrested in relation to the case. No weapon is believed to be involved.

The 22-year-old sister of the arrested man told The New Paper reporters that her brother knew the deceased. The paper reported that the sister, an administration assistant who did not want to be identified, said her brother had been agitated due to the 26-year-old “stalking” him.

The sister said that that she would see the man loitering in the area whenever she visited her family at the flat on weekends. She added:

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“We know very little about him, but he would always bang on the door looking for my brother. He used to be very quiet, and only started acting strangely about two years ago. We have no idea why he is stalking us.”

Chinese newspaper Sin Chew reported that the deceased is believed to have fallen in love with the accused and professed his love to the suspect two years ago, but was rejected. The deceased continued to harass the suspect and his family since being rebuffed. The family had made several police reports about the harassment.

Before he was killed, the deceased went to look for the suspect at his apartment, and repeatedly knocked at the suspect’s door. No one else was at home at that time.

A Hardware Zone Forumer has now claimed that the harassment by the deceased was even escalated to his MP, Mr K Shanmugam.

It is unclear who made the Facebook comment, but this is what was said:

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“This is the psycho Shawn Ignatius Rodrigues, ex alter boy who is currently serving his National Service.

He has been stalking us for almost 2 years, damaging our circuit breaker, strangled another female neighbour in the lift, made as many as 25 nuisance calls to my wife & even molested my her in broad daylight & now attacking a frail 75 year old lady.

Tons of police reports were made, he was even brought before the court for mediation but he continues being a menace & danger to the people at Block 279, Yishun Street 22.

We even brought the matter up to K Shanmugam our MP 2 months ago but till today no action is taken against Shawn ! What can we do to rid such an evil person from our society!

If the people who are supposed to protect us cannot even carry out their duties citing procedural limitations, what hope is there then for us !

Do we wait & allow the assailant to do whatever he likes & get away with it ! Where’s the Justice in all of this!”