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‘Lift hogging’ leads to fist fight in Punggol – Police had to break-up fracas




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The police had to be called when two parties could not agree on how to take the lift together. The incident happened yesterday (9 Jul) at Block 310C Punggol Walk. A young man and his friends who were in the lift earlier got upset when the older couple in their 50s dilly-dallied trying to get into the lift.

The older couple were trying to deliver a cot to their son’s home in the block. They are new grandparents. The fracas happened when the young people deemed that the old couple were unnecessarily holding up the lift.

The misunderstanding escalated until both parties started videoing each other and only stopped after the police intervened.

One of the persons involved in the fracas uploaded the video on Youtube and explained:

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“After coming across the false allegations against my friends, I decided to disclose the facts of what happened. LET JUSTICE BE DONE!

It was an unlucky day for my friends to meet this selfish and abusive old lift hogger.
There were few people wanting to take the lift but he ignored their existence and continued to hold on to the lift button.

Ok, he finally released the button, next his face started to turn black and started to spout lots of nonsense which no one wanted to focus on what he was spouting.

When the lift reached his floor, he grabbed my friend’s right hand and pulled him out of the lift.

My friend tried to pull himself back away from the old lift hogger. The lift hogger grabbed was so tight that my friend couldn’t free himself. The old lift hogger then punched him on his right cheek. When my friends confronted the old lift hogger, he threatened to hit them again. His thunderous shouts alerted his son.

Then his weakling son came so his “rescue”, by targeting a woman, stood in a very close proximity, till his lower part of body touched her. She stepped backwards, but the son kept inching forward.

The old lift hogger quickly tell his son to run away and created his sympathy story using his age. Then he threatened to hit them again.

The weakling son then took out his camera and filmed like a famous director wannabe, and yes, he only has the guts to target at woman.

The old lift hogger, who wanted to be a famous Hollywood star, called for the reporters, acting with sympathy.

The director wannabe (weakling son) doesn’t seems to be qualified and could not get his father famous still, that’s why his father called for the reporters. Then this director wannabe could only snap, snap and fantasize a story, then post to Facebook.

The old lift hogger tried to grabbed anyone that walk past him to be his witness, though like a psychotic freak, but he had tried hard to act like a poor old man.

He started to get bored, so he wanted to role play by switching to be a director wannabe. Unfortunately, his directing actions doesn’t make him look like one.

All in all, beware of the two wannabe. Don’t get caught by them as victims for their wannabe fantasies. Stay away from them to avoid their .”
[fvplayer src=”http://youtube.com/watch?v=MWJu60nXHz4″]

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