Entertainment Arts Sulli's elder brother declines inheritance

Sulli’s elder brother declines inheritance

Her elder brother has declined to accept his sister’s inheritance but it has been reported that their parents are still arguing over the matter.




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K-pop singer and actress Sulli committed suicide recently due to cyber bullying.

Her elder brother has declined to accept his sister’s inheritance but it has been reported that their parents are still arguing over the matter.

Malay Mail quoted Chinese publication Sina saying, Sulli left behind about five billion won which led to her parents fighting over the inheritance.

Choi Dae-hee, Sulli’s second brother was quoted by Korean media that he would pass on his share of the inheritance, and that he does not choose to spend her money after her death.

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Photo: Screengrab from Instagram

As Sulli died without leaving a will, Korean law states that her estate can be divided among the family members consisting of her parents, spouse, children and siblings.

Her parents, two older brothers and younger brother will inherit the money because Sulli was not married.

Sina reported that during a variety show last year, Sulli shared that she was staying with Dae-hee.

Her brother took the trouble to learn cooking to take better care of her and it shows that they were close.

On 14 Oct, her manager found Sulli’s body in a bedroom on the second floor of her residence after failing to contact her.

Born as Choi Jin-ri, Sulli debuted as a child actress playing the role of young Princess Seonhwa of Silla in the SBS drama Ballad of Seodong.

In 2009, she signed up with SM Entertainment joining K-pop girl group f(x).

In 2014, Sulli took a year-long break and left f(x) to pursue her acting career where she acted in several dramas and films.

Her most recent role was in the popular TV drama Hotel del Luna.

Sulli’s fans were surprised early this year when she released a single called Goblin, for they thought she has stopped making music.

Following her suicide, the authorities and entertainment industry in South Korea came up with anti-bullying laws to protect celebrities. /TISG

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