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Stories you might’ve missed, May 30

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“I hope Gojek will not take it for granted as the majority of passengers don’t quite bother with the S$3.00” — Passenger frustrated with waiting fee issue


Photo: Gojek Singapore

SINGAPORE: In recent news, a passenger took to social media to express his disappointment over allegedly being charged a $3 waiting fee by the Gojek application despite being at the designated pick-up spot on time.

Upon The Independent Singapore’s request, Gojek Singapore released a statement, saying, “We are aware of this report and are currently investigating the matter to verify the details of the trip.”

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KF Seetoh calls manpower quota rules ‘stifling… 3,6,9 locals to one foreigner who wants the job’


Photo: FB screengrab/Kf Seetoh

SINGAPORE: Food guru KF Seetoh left a pointed commentary regarding Singapore’s manpower crunch in a May 27 9Saturday) Facebook post, writing, “You are actually sighing (with) relief when folks get retrenched and fill up other jobs they may not want.”

Mr Seetoh posted a photo of a Straits Times article from that day titled “Influx of laid-off tech talent in S’pore job market helps to ease labour crunch” about how the numerous layoffs from large tech companies, including Meta and Google, have helped ease the labour crunch as workers who were let go off are set to be hired by smaller companies.

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Singaporeans welcome President Halimah’s decision not to seek re-election


Photo: AFP

SINGAPORE: President Halimah Yacob’s announcement that she will not be standing for re-election in the upcoming presidential election has been met with widespread approval from Singaporeans, with some saying that it’s the best thing she has done in what is perceived to be an unremarkable stint in the Istana.

The 68-year-old ex-ruling party politician confirmed in a press statement yesterday (29 May) that she will not seek re-election once her term ends on 13 Sept. Calling her six-year term as Singapore’s eighth President a humbling and inspiring experience, President Halimah said she made the decision after careful consideration.

Rebecca Lim mourns the passing of her father


Photo: IG screengrab/limrebecca

SINGAPORE: In an Instagram post, Rebecca Lim shared about her father’s passing, whom she deemed as her ‘Superhero Daddy.’ She expressed her love for her father by incorporating several photos of him with her and their family while growing up.

Rebecca stated in her post caption: “He had the biggest heart. He cared for everyone deeply and loved generously. We heard countless stories of how Dad touched the lives of many with his loyalty, devotion, kindness and love.”

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Migrant worker seen dog-sitting as his friend chats up maid who was supposed to be walking the canine


Photo: Sembawang resident

SINGAPORE: Wingman of the year? A migrant worker clad in uniform was awkwardly holding a dog and sitting under an HDB block in Sembawang while his friend chatted up the helper who had brought the pooch down for a walk.

On the way to pick up her child from school that afternoon, a resident saw the worker holding the dog. She said that as he was “babysitting the dog, his friend was busy exchanging numbers with the helper who brought the dog down (for a walk)”.

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